Marilane Carter: Kansas Woman Goes Missing During Trip to Alabama

marilane carter

Memphis Police Department Marilane Carter was last seen driving her Gray 2011 GMC Acadia with a Kansas license plate.

Marilane Carter is a missing mother of three who left her Kansas home at the beginning of the month alone in her car.

The 36-year-old was last seen by her family leaving her Overland Park home on Aug. 1 around 8:15 p.m., according to an Overland Park Police Department press release. Carter was heading to Birmingham, Alabama to visit family.

Carter, who sports long brown hair and green eyes, was driving her Gray 2011 GMC Acadia with the Kansas license plate 194 LFY, the release continues. She stands at 5’8″ and weighs around 130 lbs.

Family members’ last telephone contact with Carter was on Aug. 2, placing her in the area of Memphis, Tennessee, the department said in its release. Police noted that she had “made concerning statements to her family.”

Carter’s disappearance has sparked a multi-state search and piqued public interest on a national level, inspiring varying online forums dedicated to solving her disappearance.

So far, coordinated law enforcement efforts are underway across Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas and Tennessee, according to Blake Larsen, a detective in the Overland Park Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Division.

“The law enforcement community has been assisting us all over,” he said at an Aug. 14 press conference.

“I want everybody to know that law enforcement is utilizing all logical and reasonable investigative techniques to locate Marilane,” he continued. “I want people to know we are doing everything possible.”

Larsen said that authorities currently have “no reason to believe that any criminal activity is afoot.”

Here’s what you need to know about Marilane Carter’s disappearance:

1. Carter Left Kansas to Seek Mental Health Treatment in Birmingham & to be Near Her Family

According to the Find Marilane Facebook page, which shares information, tips and leads surrounding her disappearance in conjunction with her family, Carter left Kansas to seek mental health treatment in Birmingham and to be near her family.

“We know based on Marilane’s phone conversations with her family + searches on her phone that she was very focused on getting to Birmingham on Sunday 8/2 to get the help she wanted,” an earlier post on the Facebook account reads.

The page disclosed that she was traveling to the University of Alabama at Birmingham or Grandview Medical Center “for mental health counseling,” noting that “she could have chosen to find that help at a place closer to where her phone last pinged.”

2. Surveillance Videos Show Carter Aug. 2  in Missouri & Arkansas

Larsen confirmed at the Aug. 14 press conference that Carter was seen on surveillance footage on Aug. 2 at a Quality Inn hotel in West Plains, MO.

The mother-of-three checked in by herself around 3:30 a.m. and stayed roughly three hours before checking out, he said. Carter drove away in her vehicle around 6 a.m.

New footage places Carter at a Shell gas station “in the area of West Memphis, Arkansas on I-55 just west of the Mississippi River” later that day, Larsen continued. She is seen around 5 p.m. fueling her car and retrieving water from inside.

“The videos are really similar,” said Larsen. “The last video looks like she fills up a Yeti-type container she has, or a glass, with water and she gets gas outside, goes to her vehicle and leaves.”

“Nothing seen in the video is suspicious,” he continued. “It doesn’t look like she’s having any crisis.”

The detective said gas station footage is the last confirmed video contact police have.

3. Carter’s Phone Went Dead in the Area of the I-55 Bridge Coming Into Memphis

GPS location of Carter’s cell phone was last pinged on Aug. 2 around 8 p.m. near the Arkansas Weigh Station on I-55 coming into Memphis, according to police. It was close to the Big River Crossings Trail and Bridge.

Adam Carter told KMBC that he talked with his wife that night “and her phone went dead.” Marilane Carter then spoke with her mother about 15 minutes later and her phone went dead again.

No further calls have been made and her credit cards have not been used, the outlet added.

4. Carter’s Husband is a Lead Pastor of Leawood Baptist Church

Carter’s husband, Adam, is a lead pastor at the Leawood Baptist Church, reported. The couple share two sons and a daughter.

Adam Carter is continuing to search for his wife in the south while their children are being cared for by family members, the outlet added.

“Our three kids miss her;  I miss her,” Adam Carter said in a video posted to the Find Marilane Facebook. “We want to have her home.”

5. Sonar Boat Crews Are Searching the Mississippi River

For the second day in a row, sonar boat crews scoured the the Mississippi River on Aug. 14 for evidence of Carter’s vehicle, according to the Find Marilane Facebook page.

“We now need MEMPHIS-AREA boaters/fisherman to help us rule out any possibility of Marilane’s vehicle being submerged in the Mississippi River near Memphis,” an earlier post read.

Adam Carter made a plea earlier in the video posted to the Find Marilane Facebook page, seeking volunteers with boats with sonars and experience navigating the Mississippi River.

“That would be a huge help to us as we’re attempting to rule out the worst possible-case scenario,” he said.

The husband then encouraged volunteers to sign up online at

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