Melania Trump Wears Eye-Catching McQueen Military Jacket Outfit for RNC Speech

Getty First Lady Melania Trump walks along the colonnade before addressing the Republican National Convention from the Rose Garden.

All eyes were on First Lady Melania Trump during her speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, August 25. Her military jacket caught a lot of attention as she spoke from the recently renovated Rose Garden. If you’re interested in getting something similar, her military jacket was designed by Alexander McQueen.

Her Green Military Jacket Was Designed by Alexander McQueen

People on social media couldn’t stop talking about her green military jacket, and it was quickly identified. Kate Bennett of CNN shared that it appeared to be a jacket by Alexander McQueen. The jacket was also once worn by Kaia Gerber.

Hunter Schwartz of Yellow Zine added the helpful information on Twitter that the jacket normally costs $2,450 but is currently on sale at Far Fetched for 40% off, costing “only” $1,470.

Her outfit included a military jacket and a pleated-back pencil skirt. Reports said that she was wearing Christian Louboutin heels.

Reactions to Her Jacket Were Mixed: Some Loved It & Others Didn’t

The reactions to her jacket were mixed. Some people on Twitter thought it was beautiful, and others though it gave off too much of a military vibe.

One person tweeted that her jacket was outstanding.

While another tweeted that they thought it was a “Fidel Castro” themed jacket.

One person thought the jacket was too militaristic.

While another person tweeted that what she wore was “flawless.”

So reactions were definitely mixed, as people seemed to either love her outfit, hate it, or just felt kind of ambivalent about it. Here are more photos of her outfit, showing her from different angles.

GettyMelania Trump at the RNC.

Here she is while she was giving her speech.

GettyMelania Trump at the RNC.

And here is President Donald Trump walking with her at the Rose Garden.

GettyMelania and Donald Trump at the RNC.

You can watch Trump’s full speech in the video below.

First Lady Melania Trump's 2020 Republican National Convention Speech | FULLFirst Lady Melania Trump's Full Remarks at the 2020 Republican National Convention. #RNC2020 #BeBest2020-08-26T03:17:49Z

Trump has worn green jackets before that have gotten attention on social media. InStyle reported that in October 2018, she wore a $595 Veronica Beard military-style green jacket while on a week-long tour in Africa. You can see a photo of that jacket below. She had previously worn the same jacket in September 2017.

Prior to that, she wore a green Zara jacket that read “I really don’t care do u?” while visiting immigration centers in Texas. She later said in an interview that she wore the jacket “for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me. And I want to show them that I don’t care,” CNN reported. You can see a photo of that jacket below.

Melania Trump delivered her speech for the Republican National Convention from the renovated Rose Garden. Her renovation has generated some controversy, but some of the facts about it were wrong too. Crabapple trees were removed from the Rose Garden, not cherry trees. The trees also weren’t chopped down — they are being replanted at a different location on the White House grounds, USA Today reported. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan had first discussed removing the crabapple trees, thinking they had grown too large and were shading other plants too much.

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