PHOTO: White Man Said He Hopes a Black Person Was Shot in FBG Duck Shooting

fbg duck shooting

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The rapper FBG Duck was shot in a triple shooting along Chicago’s famed Gold Coast, according to a former Chicago mayoral candidate, Ja’Mal Green, and graphic videos and photos that emerged from the scene. Authorities, who have not yet confirmed the victim’s identity, held a press conference at the scene shortly afterwards. In it, they revealed that a 26-year-old Black man had died after four gunmen rode up in two vehicles.

ABC 7 Chicago is now reporting that FBG Duck is dead, citing his friends for the information. Authorities have not yet confirmed that.

The press conference was interrupted by hecklers, according to Fox 32 journalist Tia Ewing, who shared their photos on Twitter. Ewing reported that a man who was watching the press conference clapped and another man said he hoped the person who was shot was Black.

“This man repeatedly said he hope whoever was shot is Black. Do you know him?” she wrote.

She added, “Another person claps as it’s stated that a 26yo man was killed.”

Authorities have not yet confirmed whether that 26-year-old man was FBG Duck, although he was that age. Ewing also reported that an up-and-coming rapper was “shot in the street.” Graphic videos and photos show people lying on the ground shot. You can see them later in this article, but be aware that they’re graphic in nature. Police declined to answer a reporter’s question about whether one of the victims shot was a “celebrity” or a rapper. They said they were aware there was a crowd forming as word spread.

Here’s what you need to know:

At the Press Conference, Police Revealed That Four Gunmen Opened Fire, Wounding Two People & Killing One

The news conference was a serious affair as police described the circumstances of the shooting. They confirmed that a 26-year-old Black male was pronounced dead at the hospital. They didn’t name the victim. At 4:37 p.m., in the 100 block of East Oak Street, three people were shopping when two vehicles pulled up, Chicago police said. A police commander said in the news conference that four people exited the vehicles, two from each car, and “began firing at the individuals who were on the sidewalk outside one of the stores.” There were “multiple, multiple shots” and four shooters, according to police.

Police said the gunmen also shot a female in one of the vehicles parked outside one of the stores. The female is in serious condition. A 26 year old male is also in serious condition. “We have multiple active crime scenes behind me,” police said, adding that detectives were collecting video and are seeking witnesses. One was black Taurus and the other was a silver Chrysler. Both fled west bound on Oak Street from the scene. “This was something that was specifically targeted for these individuals,” said police, adding that the area is “well-policed.”

There are unconfirmed reports that the rapper may have died, but this is not certain. “Popular rapper FBG Duck has just been pronounced dead after being shot in the Gold Coast an hour ago. Prayers up for his family, bring justice to them after this senseless act. 🙏🏾” Green wrote on Twitter. He defines himself as, “Dad, entrepreneur, civil rights organizer. Fmr Chicago mayoral candidate. Shut down a Trump rally ✊🏽. Fmr surrogate @BernieSanders.”

He added, “Trust me, I wouldn’t report any information that isn’t accurate especially about someone’s death. I got the report directly from the source.” Green then tweeted, “It hurts to watch Chicago’s young people watch not only their friends but their favorite rappers die from senseless gun violence. We really have to get our city together if we want to have a better future. Rest In Peace FBG Duck. 🙏🏾”

The shooting along the Gold Coast erupted in the late afternoon of August 4, 2020. At first early reports just said that three people were wounded.

A Graphic Video Emerged From a Citizen Bystander

Fbg duck shot in Chicago!! (Warning)#PrayforFbgduck🙏🏽🙏🏽 Sub4sub2020-08-04T22:52:50Z

A video emerged that shows people lying on the street. “I’m in the Gold Coast, I was just riding my bike. They shot FBG Duck. I don’t know who shot him,” says the man in the video.

On Twitter, people erupted with grief and concern for FBG Duck.

“It’s kinda crazy because I was literally researching the whole Chicago scene type/music thing recently and was planning on looking at FBG Duck. When I seen this man name on Twitter I knew he was dead. Smh only heard a few songs from dude and all were solid.”

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