California High School Teacher Shows Up To Virtual Class Shirtless

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Facebook The screenshot that Herrera-Avila took.

A 13-year-old special education student was shocked when she logged into her class at San Jose’s Silver Creek High School and saw her that her teacher was shirtless, according to what she told ABC-7 News.

Her mother was also shocked to discover that someone using a photo and name which matches the same teacher from the webcam incident had a Twitter account in which he commented on two tweets featuring pornographic imagery.

The girl’s mother has expressed disgust, while the school district has said it is investigating the virtual webcam incident, according to ABC-7 News.

Please be advised this article links to that account and to the individual’s posts, which feature sexual imagery.

Herrera-Avila Snapped A Photo Before Logging Off

Makaylah Herrera-Avila, a freshman, said that she was in a class with 10-15 other students when she noticed that her teacher, Richard Cabral, appeared to be struggling with his webcam. “He seemed really awkward and kind of gave me like a weird vibe,” she told ABC-7 News.

Then she noticed something else odd about the video feed. “I realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt and that was kind of awkward, made me feel uncomfortable,” she said. Herrara-Avila told her mother, Elizabeth Avila, who instructed her daughter to take a screenshot and log off immediately.

Furious, Avila went to the school as well as San Jose’s East Side Union High School District. “This should be like a zero-tolerance kind of thing,” Avila told ABC-7 News. “Like, he’s grown. He knows the rules. He should not be exposing himself like that to all these minors. You know, at the end of the day, they’re still kids and it’s wrong.”

Avila also posted her thoughts on the incident on Facebook:

According to Avila, when she asked whether they record virtual classes, the district told her no, citing privacy reasons; she has since filed a complaint.

ABC-7 News reported that the high school district’s superintendent, Chris Funk, released a statement on the matter:

The picture appears to be an employee of ESUHSD. At this time, I’m not going to release any information on the alleged employee. I will say that the behavior is unacceptable, unprofessional and violates several district policies.

This situation is under investigation. In situations like this, an employee is immediately placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

A Twitter Page Featuring A ‘Richard Cabral’ Of the Same Name & Photo Commented On Pornographic Scenes

ABC-7 also reported that someone with the same name, photo and job title (“Teacher Silver Creek HS, San Jose”) appeared to have a Twitter page that featured retweets and comments of pornographic images.

His comments on the pornographic scenes are under his tweets & replies.

He commented the day after Christmas last year on a photo shared by “Like an Girls,” on Dec. 19, 2019. The photo featured a collage of images from a pornographic film. The original comment from “Like an girls” was “@xoxoashleyadams” with a fire emoji, smiling face with heart-shaped eyes, face throwing a kiss and two red hearts. In response, “richard cabral” wrote, “Ashley is the cutest woman in the world.”

“Like an Girls” posted another photo collage of the same woman in lingerie and nude, with another “@xoxoashleyadams” and series of emojis. In response, “richard cabral” posted three tweets in response. The first is from November 25 of last year, which reads, “@xoxoashleyadams Cheers Ashley for being the hottest and sweetest woman in the industry. You make the Sun shine brighter.” The second is from December 1, 2019 and reads, “You have THE most gorgeous set of boobs I have or will ever see, Ashley. Cheers!” And the third from December 26 of last year says, “Lovely.”

Above his December 1st post, Twitter noted that the tweet was from a suspended account.

Avila, in responding to someone posting a link to his Twitter account under her Facebook post, wrote “… kids are (nosy) one google search and they can find any of these teachers and he didn’t even try to hide it or make it private 🤦🏻‍♀️”

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