WATCH: Naked Man in Panda Hat Rollerblades With Golf Club on Ohio Freeway

naked panda columbus

Facebook Naked panda hat man in Columbus.

We’ve never seen this one before. A naked man was captured on video rollerblading with a golf club in a panda hat on a Columbus, Ohio, freeway. Yes, you read that right.

The video was first posted to Facebook, where it quickly accrued thousands of shares. Lexi Bae, who posted the video on December 16, wrote, “Only In Columbus Bro I Swear.” You can watch the video below, but be aware that the man is, well, naked in it, although you can’t see a lot because it’s fairly far away.

A man has claimed responsibility for the stunt.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Man Named ‘Hood Panda’ Claims He’s the Naked Panda Rollerblader

The identity of the man has become a mystery in the Ohio city, according to Fox8.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation told Fox8 that the video wasn’t shot Wednesday December 16 because of the weather conditions but might have been Tuesday, December 15.

“Pedestrians are not permitted on interstate highways,” a spokesman at ODOT said to the televisions tation. “There are signs posted at all the entrance ramps. This is a safety issue.” Fox8 reported that it appeared the incident occurred at the High Street cap and I-670, with the man exiting at Neil Avenue.

However, a rollerblader known as Hood Panda is claiming he’s the naked Panda. He gives his name as Matt Lyon on his Facebook page.

There is a GoFundMe set up that reads “Keep HoodPanda (aka naked panda) rolling!”


The GoFundMe page has only raised a couple hundred dollars so far. “Hey guys! I’m overwhelmed by the support and reaction to my “Naked Panda” video and I’m happy I was able to make so many people smile! I realize it was dangerous,” it reads.

“…but a dare is a dare Some of you know that I’m a professional roller blader and have devoted my life to roller blading. Unfortunately, roller blading has been getting phased out of a lot of opportunities and as such it’s been harder and harder to sustain a career! I want to be able to continue doing videos, tricks, stunts, and all around entertainment for you guys and promise it’ll be badASS haha. Anything you can chip in will help! Once again, thank you all for your support!”

Hood Panda is also on Twitter, and he’s claiming responsibility. “3 socks and a wrong turn later.. I made the world smile,” he wrote. He calls himself the “clown prince of rollerblading.” HoodPanda has a website.

The page links to an Instagram post 8under the handle @HoodPanda. There are videos of Hood Panda rollerblading in a panda hat before.

People filled the Video Comment Thread With Jokes

Many people found the video hilarious. Here are some of their comments:

“He’s wearing a mask and it’s before curfew!”

“This is in Columbus, Ohio. Someone posted this on Facebook. Covid has people going crazy,” a man wrote on Twitter.

“He’s got a selfie stick he’s recording with, I wanna see his footage lmao.”

“Actually not funny, it can shake kids up. He needs to be charged.”

“This is why people don’t like Ohio 😭 I know exactly where that exit is.”

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