Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos of 2013 (So Far)

We scoured the Internet for the 10 most funny YouTube videos we could find. There’s a lot of variety here: some of the humor is physical, some intellectual, and some are just plain stupid. Still, it’s all funny and that’s really what matters.

10. Man Puts House Up for Sale but Insists “No Asians.”

Racism isn’t funny, but this is.

9. Typical YouTube Trash Turns to Pure Gold.

Why are you filming your television, weirdo?

8. Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film by PixelsPerSecond

Funny and true.

7. Seeing His Wife for the First Time Again by Jason Mortenson

Jason, in his forgetful state, gets to see his wife for the first time again and finds himself instantly in love, and wanting to see her butt.

6. Penguin Falls Among Penguins. Their Reaction is Priceless.

Simply adorable.

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5. Key and Peele on Getting Caught with Internet Porn uploaded by Red4240

Classic, relatable, and an amazing ending.

4. Girl is White Girl Wasted After Having Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

That moment when she realizes her hat disappeared.

3. Terrifying Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil.

I’m just thankful no one punches her in the face.

2. Oprah and Paula Deen Eat and Converse in Slow Motion.

This might be scarier than it is funny?

1. Bat Dad Compilation by Batdad Vine

He’s the hero of suburbia, and he’s funnier than anything we’ve seen on Vine — or this year — yet.

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