WATCH: The Pixar Theory That Will Blow Your Mind

The Pixar TheoryOur animation courses: What if I told you that all Pixar movies are connected? That all the characters in those movies actually live in the same universe, only in different times? How is that possible, watch this video and you'll find out. Pixar Storytelling book: Based on "The Pixar Theory" by Jon Negroni…2014-09-22T16:37:55.000Z

Last summer, Jon Negroni‘s Pixar Theory swept the Internet, suggesting that all the Pixar movies from Brave to WALL-E to Monsters, Inc. all took place in the same universe.

You can read his theory here.

But because Negroni’s theory was so brilliant, some people found it hard to understand.

So people at Bloop Animation created an animated version of Negroni’s theory, and it’s much more palatable.

Watch it above and enjoy having your mind blown.

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