DIY Last-Minute Costumes From Your Closet at Home 2016

Last Minute Costumes From Your Closet at Home 2016

It's finally Halloween. Did you forget to put together a costume or are you on a tight budget? There are so many things you can make at home or just create a quick costume with from your closet. If you have anything leopard, you could be a jungle cat. Or, you can bust out the Santa suit early this year and go as Santa Claus for Halloween. If you work as a doctor, dental hygienist, or anything else that requires scrubs, that's a costume right here. Or, if you work somewhere that requires you to wear some kind of uniform, a hat, name tag or an apron, you can just rock those as your costume. For more ideas on easy DIY ideas, click through our gallery of costumes. (Instagram)

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