Gifts for Men: Top 10 Best Grooming Gift Sets

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We’re sure you know and love some of the best looking men on the planet, but perhaps they’re not doing what it takes to stay that way. That’s why men’s grooming essentials are a booming emerging market. Guys are becoming more in tune with just how important it is to take care of their skin, hair, beards and bodies for better health and, for vanity’s sake, to look younger than their friends. From exfoliating and moisturizing, to shaving and beard grooming, there are so many cool kits filled with fun guy stuff to please every man on your gift list this year.

We’ve searched Amazon’s stockpile of men’s grooming kits for the best tools, new technology and traditional body pampering products that will make him feel better as well as look younger and more vibrant. We didn’t include any anti-aging devices or laser hair removers for men, because we thought that might just push the envelope too far, but this gift list includes a grand assortment of perfect presents at prices nearly everyone can afford.

If you want to really amp up his grooming gift, give him the gift of Amazon Prime so he can reorder his favorite products throughout the coming year and get free two day shipping on all of them, as well as anything else he loves to order for himself or anyone else. And if you’re worried about choosing the gift that’s just right, an Amazon gift card is always a perfect present.

If you’re ready to inspire the guy in your life with a gift that will help him put his best face forward, check out these Gifts for Men: Top 10 Best Grooming Gift Sets.

1. Best Men’s Mani-Pedi Kit – 3 Swords 8-Piece Grooming Kit

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, 3 Swords

(3 Swords)

When it comes to men’s hands and feet, they almost always need some love and attention. This awesome eight piece grooming kit from 3 Swords is the answer to rough edges, hangnails, broken and chipped fingernails and more. Made in Germany, these grooming instruments for men are extremely well made and should last him for years. The kit makes a perfect small, but essential gift for guys, especially if you coach them on how to use these tools for better looking hands and feet. This set includes: nail scissors, cuticle scissors, finger nail clipper, toe nail clipper, tweezers, hoofstick, sapphire nail file, and a nail pusher/cleaner, all in a black, leather like case. Great for travel and home. Teach him how to use cuticle remover to improve the look of his nails, and if his feet are particularly bad, an electric foot callus shaver is another great gift for men.

Price: $26.90

Buy the 3 Swords 8-Piece Grooming Kit here.

2. Best Manly Pampering Kit – The Man Can All Natural Bath & Body Gift Set

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, the Man can, man can

(Plum Island Soap Company)

Give your man the gift of cleanliness and manliness with The Man Can bath and body gift set. This best-selling set includes a bar soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and a scratchy body mitt all cleverly packaged in a paint can. Each product is freshly scented, all natural, and handmade to leave your man fresh, clean, sweet smelling and mighty pleased. Or get him the Man Stuff body wash and rinse gift set to leave him smelling all guy like, but still soft. If he really just needs soap, or you’re just looking for a some fun little gifts for men, the cute tin of Manly Man soap is a fun one.

Price: $41.99 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the The Man Can Natural Bath & Body Gift Set here.

3. Best Beard Grooming Kit – Wizard Beard – Beard Grooming Kit

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(Wizard Beard)

Let’s be honest here. Men have a love affair with their beards. They’ll give their facial fur the kind of love and affection, petting and touching, and thoughtful contemplation that you’ll rarely get as their life partner. But hey, we love them and their beards, so for his next birthday, your anniversary or even Christmas, get your man a great beard care gift like this awesome kit from Wizard Beard. Sometimes the secret to a man’s confidence is his beard. It adds character to his personality, sets him apart, and it could be just what gets him noticed. This complete beard care bundle will let him enjoy the perfect beard, and comes complete with a beard brush, comb, natural beard oil, beard wax and a handy travel bag. Because brush quality is of the essence when it comes to beard styling, this set’s natural brush is made of premium sandalwood and boar bristle, allowing him to broadly brush and distribute the naturally occurring oils throughout his beard without scratching. The compact beard comb is static free and its wide teeth work wonders even on the thickest of beards. Carefully formulated with hand-picked, all-natural and potent ingredients such as Vitamin E, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera, the beard oil absorbs in no time and nourishes his beard for an impeccable look that lasts. And for a great look that lasts, he can give his beard a final touch with the natural beard wax formulated with Shea Butter, Emu Oil, Argan oil and Vitamin E that will tame and protect it, making it look perfect all day long. If he’s the kind of man who wants his beard to be impeccable in every way, you can always get him a beard template for shaving and shaping it perfectly. A high quality beard trimmer is also a must have when it comes to keeping his beard coiffed at exactly the right length.

Price: $46.95

Buy the Wizard Beard – Beard Grooming Kit here.

4. Best Tattoo Care Kit – H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit

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Does your man love getting inked? Whether he has one, or many, or you’re trying to convince him to get his very first tat, it will need love and care both during and after healing to keep it looking clean, crisp and beautiful. That’s why you should give him the ultimate tattoo aftercare kit. This nifty Christmas gift is comprised of all the essentials for the healing stages of his new tattoo, and it can be used after healing on existing tattoos. This kit is designed to cleanse the tattoo, while providing nourishment and moisture to his skin. This one of a kind, all natural, water based aftercare system will keep his new ink bright and beautiful for many years to come. The ultimate tattoo care aftercare kit provides him with a three-step, safe, unscented, and revitalizing skin care regimen that is made for the industry by the industry. Did you know that tattoos actually need special sunscreen? H2Ocean’s Sea Life features SPF 45 for long lasting protection. If you want to make sure the ink he gets is classy, get him a tattoo design book that you can browse together.

Price: $19.20

Buy the H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit here.

5. Best Shaving Kit – AKPOWER Shaving Set for Men

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It’s time to say goodbye to Dollar Shave Club and kick those disposable razors to the curb. Now you can give your man the perfect gift that is classy and so beautiful, it makes shaving fun instead of work. The AKPOWER premium gift set is a beautiful, classic shaving set for for men that’s built to last a lifetime. It contains a safety razor, pure badger brush, shaving bowl and stand, all packed in a gorgeous wooden case. The shaving brush is made with extremely soft and dense pure badger fur and features a beautiful chrome handle. It allows your man to easily make a great lather, gently exfoliate his face, and prep his beard for a close and comfortable shave.The stainless steel shave stand ensures proper drying of both his razor and brush. The included shaving bowl is a beautiful, sleek design and looks great on the bathroom counter. The stand holds both the brush and razor allowing them to dry efficiently. Keep him loving his wet shave with some wonderfully scented shea butter shaving soap. And don’t forget to stock up on high quality razor blades.

Price: $102 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy the AKPOWER Shaving Set for Men here.

6. Best Men’s Hair Care Kit – Suavecito Hair Kit

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, hair care, men's hair care, suavecito


A great head of hair can make the man, so this hair care kit is the perfect all occasion present for all the men on your gift list. Help them take charge of their day, ready to face any challenge knowing their hair is looking firme. Have they got a job interview lined up? No problem. Important meeting with the President? No problem. First date? Not with you at their side. This kit includes all your guy needs to style his mop and make it into a masterpiece. This awesome haircare set includes: two pomades, grooming spray, Brilliantcreme and a large deluxe comb. For added lift and quick styling, get him a good professional blow dryer. Suavecito also has a super cool shaving kit with awesome fragrances and skin care products.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Suavecito Men’s Hair Kit here.

7. Best Men’s Travel Kit – Jack Black First Class Travel Pack

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, men's skin care, skin care for men, Jack Black

(Jack Black)

This men’s travel skin care kit is the ultimate portable gift for any guy. It features an assortment of Jack Black’s most popular products for face and body. This collection of Jack Black skincare favorites will leave your man’s skin healthy, hydrated, and protected while he’s on the fly. All packaged up in a nifty zipper bag, this travel kit contains Beard Lube Conditioning Shave for the ultimate close shave, Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 to keep skin smooth and protected, Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel to revive the travel-tired eye-area, Intense Therapy Lip Balm Natural Mint & Shea Butter to soften lips and freshen breath, and All-Over Wash to cleanse hair, face and body. This convenient set offers everything he’ll need, in generous travel sizes, to looking good on his travels. Jack Black’s Turbo Wash is an energizing cleanser for his whole body. And since it’s winter, add a goody to his Christmas stocking with some extra Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm for home, and Industrial Strength Hand Healer to soothe his chapped or dry hands.

Price: $49

Buy the Jack Black First Class Travel Pack here.

8. Best Men’s Facial Cleansing Brush – Clarisonic Alpha Fit Holiday Gift Set

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, men's skin care, skin care for men, facial cleansing brush, clarisonic


Men don’t usually think about exfoliation, even if they’re good about washing their face. This awesome Clairsonic Alpha Fit facial cleansing brush was designed specifically with men in mind, and it makes a great gift for any man on your shopping list. Not only does it do the heavy duty cleansing that will keep your guy’s face shiny and beautiful, it also exfoliates, which means he’ll get closer shaves with less ingrown hairs. That exfoliation also offers anti-aging benefits that diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and keeping him looking young and vibrant. Don’t forget to get him some replacement brushes, because once he sees how great his skin looks, he’s going to become a committed user of this aweome men’s skincare tool. Also, since the Alpha Fit works with any of his favorite cleansing products, get him some exfoliating facial wash and by all means, convince him to use eye cream to keep him looking younger at any age.

Price: $219

Buy the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Holiday Gift Set here.

9. Best Men’s Organic Skincare Kit – Derma-Nu Anti Aging Daily Skincare Set for Men

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, men's skin care, skin care for men, skin care, Derma-Nu


While most men probably don’t think about using anti-aging skincare regimens, you can be the thoughtful woman in his life who does. This super popular skincare kit from Rugged & Dapper is a terrific gift idea for men that delivers long term results. And even if your guy doesn’t admit to any vanity, he’ll feel terrific when he starts noticing that he looks younger than the rest of his friends. This quintessential gift set for the man in your life includesgreat options to cleanse his face and body, unclog pores, fight acne, prevent ingrown hairs and provide nourishing hydration to fight the signs of aging and help him stay looking younger. It includes an all-in-one daily facial cleanser and body wash that revitalizes skin, leaving him feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day or night. It also includes a facial exfoliating scrub to help prevent ingrown hairs and dry skin. To complete the package, the kit includes an essential daily anti-aging moisturizer for men to fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, post shave irritation, dull and uneven skin tone, and sun and environmental damage. Best of all, these products are certified organic and natural, so they’re as good for the planet as they are for his skin. Derma-Nu also offers a set of firming and toning facial products for men. Their anti-oxident facial cleanser and companion anti-oxident toning spray would also be a great gift for your guy.

Price: $44.95 (59 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Derma-Nu Anti Aging Daily Skincare Set for Men here.

10. Best Men’s Trial Size Skincare Kit – PC4Men Trial Kit

Christmas, Christmas gifts for men, gifts for men, grooming, men’s grooming, men's skin care, skin care for men, Paula's Choice

(Paula’s Choice)

Maybe your guy isn’t quite on the same page with you when it comes to taking up a men’s beauty and grooming regimen, so starting him out with the gift of a trial sized kit makes perfect sense this year. It’s an affordable way to find out if he’s going to get serious about his looks and, more importantly, the health of his skin. The PC4MEN Trial Kit is a comprehensive collection of men’s skincare stuff that includes effective, simple-to-use products that work hard to get and keep his skin looking great. They address most major concerns, including dryness, redness, rough skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and bumps. All PC4MEN products contain good-for-skin ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Unlike most men’s products, PC4MEN is free of fragrances and irritating ingredients. Used together morning and evening, PC4MEN Trial Kit gives your man’s skin everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t. PC4Men is made by Paula’s Choice, a popular skincare line for women. Adding toner to his skincare collection is a great way to improve both the texture and tone of his face. Once a week, encourage him to use an skin perfecting exfoliant to increase his good results.

Price: $27.66 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Best Men’s Trial Size Skincare Kit – PC4Men Trial Kit here.

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