Jordan Hart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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An arrest has been made in the 2011 death of NHL player Derek Boogaard. Jordan Hart, the son of another NHL player, Gerry Hart, has been arrested in connection with Boogaard’s overdose death. Two weeks after allegedly purchasing oxycodone from Hart.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Hart Is Accused of Selling Oxycodone

If Hart is convicted, he could face 20 years in prison on charges of supplying drugs to Boogaard. Hart was arrested in Long Island by the DEA’s New York drug enforcement task force.

Jordan Hart was also arrested with Oscar Johnson, a physician’s assistant accused of writing prescriptions for Hart on a regular basis for 2 years. Johnson was on the medical staff of the minor league hockey team, the Utah Grizzlies, during the time Hart was also playing there. He is being accused of selling nearly 3,000 pills of Percocet to Hart from 2009 to 2011. Hart is being accused of selling some of these pills to Boogaard beginning in late 2010, when Hart and Boogaard were introduced to each other through an unnamed New York Rangers player.

Hart isn’t the only person to be arrested in relation to Boogaard’s death. In 2011, Boogaard’s brother Aaron was arrested after he told police he gave his brother a single oxycodone. Those charges were eventually dropped.

Jordan Hart arrestedLaw enforcement sources say that Jordan Hart, the son of New York Islanders legend Gerry Hart, was arrested on Long Island this morning by the DEA's New York drug enforcement task force in connection with the drug overdose death of former New York Ranger Derek Boogaard. Full Details Here:

2. Boogaard Died in 2011 After an Overdose

Punched Out: The Rise and Fall of Derek Boogaard [Full Version] | The New York TimesDerek Boogaard was one of the N.H.L.'s most feared fighters before overdosing on May 13, 2011. The New York Times examined the life and death of the professional hockey player in 2011. Produced by: Shayla Harris Read the story here: Watch the interactive here: Subscribe on YouTube: Watch more videos at:…2014-05-14T00:07:16.000Z

Boogaard died from an accidental drug and alcohol overdose when he was 28, after he was recovery from a concussion. During the autopsy, eximaners found he had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, common in hockey enforcers but much worse than former players much older.

CTE has been linked to depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse.

Before Boogaard died, he gave his brother Aaron a bag of prescription drugs, because he did not trust himself and returned to rehab. However, he later returned to retrieve the bag and went out for the night drinking, only later to be found dead.

Two weeks before his death, Boogaard wrote a $4,000 check to Hart, believed to be for pain killers.

3. Hart was a Prospect With the Islanders



In 2007, Hart was a prospect with the New York Islanders after two-and-a-half seasons playing at Merrimack College. But he did not play after 2009, spending two seasons with the EHL’s Utah Grizzlies and one with the Ahl’s Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

4. Jordan Hart is the Son of Gerry Hart

Jordan Hart is the son of former Islander’s defender Gerry Hart, who played for the Islanders from 1972-1979. Jordan Hart played his position extremely similar to his father, drawing multiple comparisons.

5. Since Boogaard’s Death, His Family is Still Seeking Answers



Boogard’s family has filed a law suit against the NHL, claiming his addiction was due to the punishment he received on the ice and was not properly cared for after. William Gibbs the lawyer for the Boogaards said, “To distill this to one sentence, you take a young man, you subject him to trauma, you give him pills for that trauma, he becomes addicted to those pills, you promise to treat him for that addiction, and you fail.”

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