Jordy Nelson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jordy Nelson touchdown catch, Bears vs. Packers


Jordy Nelson works on being one of the best receivers in the league during the season, and then heads back to his family’s farm to work on that during the off season. The 29-year old’s season came to an end with an overtime loss in the NFC Championship game to the Seattle Seahawks.

But Nelson’s life isn’t just football and farming. He’s also married and has a son, and is very religious.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. Nelson’s Family Has Owned Their Farm for Generations

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According to Sports Illustrated, the Nelson family has owned their farm for generations. His great-great-great-grandfather was the first to own it, buying it when he came to America from Sweden.

Nelson has worked on the farm, in Riley, Kansas, since he was young, and returns every offseason to help his father and brother keep it going.

Like a typical farmer, he worked before the sun came up, went to school, and then came home and worked until after the sun went down. Nelson brought this work ethic with him to the NFL, and it shows in the career he has built for himself.

He has also said that after he retires, he plans to raise his own family on a farm.

2. Nelson Was a Walk-on at Kansas State

Nelson’s work ethic was enough to take him from a Kansas State walk-on to a second round draft pick.

After playing quarterback for Riley County High School, Nelson was redshirted for his freshman season at Kansas State, but was expected to play defensive back the following year. However, after spring practice, coach Bill Snyder moved him to wide receiver. In the above K-State video, Nelson and his family talk about his life leading up to college football.

He had a breakout season his sophomore year, catching 65 passes for eight touchdowns, but was injured for most of his junior year and finished with only 39 passes and a touchdown.

He was obviously much better his senior season, finishing with 122 receptions, 1,606 yards and 11 touchdowns. Nelson also threw for two touchdowns and had two punts returned for touchdowns.

The Packers picked him 36th overall in the 2008 draft.

3. Nelson is Married and Has a Son

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Nelson and his wife, Emily, have been together since sixth grade, according to Player Wives. The two married in 2007 after Nelson wrote “Will you marry me?” in the sand while on a family vacation in Cancun.

Player Wives also says Emily is a kindergarten teacher in Green Bay and played basketball for Bethel College. Her maiden name is Roethlisberger, but the website says she is not related to Big Ben.

In February, 2010, they welcomed their son Royal.

4. Nelson Is Very Religious

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Nelson is not shy when it comes to his religion. He and his wife are Christian, and in November, 2011, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes had a post featuring him speaking about his beliefs.

In it, he says that while he regularly attended church as a child, it wasn’t as much a part of his life as it is now. He says that the turning point for him was the injury he suffered while in his junior year of college.

Since I’d never experienced a serious athletic injury, that was an incredibly challenging situation. All of a sudden I was missing games and not knowing what the future held.

With nowhere to turn, I looked to God to provide me with strength to make it through. He truly was the One I relied on during that time. I called out to Him in prayer often and chose to believe that things happened for a reason and that He had everything under control.

5. Nelson Signed an Extension in July

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Nelson signed a four-year, $39 million contract extension in July, according to ESPN. The deal also includes an $11.5 million signing bonus. In the article, Nelson said he would like the Packers to be the only team he plays for.

“It’s exciting, obviously it’s something everyone wants to get done, especially like I said a while back about training camp,” Nelson said. “My wife and I are excited to be here, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish my career here, finish this out and be done.”