Phil Mickelson’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Phil Mickelson has been playing on the PGA Tour for over two decades.

And in that time, Mickelson has earned millions in prize money and even more with his numerous endorsements.

But things haven’t been so rosy all the time as Lefty recently got into a little trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here’s what you need to know about Mickelson’s net worth:

1. Mickelson’s Net Worth has Been Approximated at Close to $300 Million

While the exact number isn’t known, Mickelson’s net worth has been approximated at nearly $300 million, according to websites which track the numbers.

According to Forbes, since 2014, Mickelson has made over $150 million between on-course earnings and endorsement money.

2. He has Earned Over $80 Million in PGA Tour Prize Money

Mickelson turned pro in 1992 and began raking in the dough shortly after. In his career he’s pulled in nearly $81 million in prize money.

That year he made over $171,000 in 11 events as a rookie. His career-best year was 2007 when he earned $5.82 million.

Here’s a breakdown of his year-by-year earnings:

2016 — $2,710,280
2015 — $2,154,200
2014 — $2,158,019
2013 — $5,495,793
2012 — $4,203,821
2011 — $3,763,488
2010 — $3,821,733
2009 — $5,332,755
2008 — $5,188,875
2007 — $5,819,988
2006 — $4,256,505
2005 — $5,699,605
2004 — $5,784,823
2003 — $1,623,137
2002 — $4,311,971
2001 — $4,403,883
2000 — $4,746,457
1999 — $1,722,681
1998 — $1,837,246
1997 — $1,225,390
1996 — $1,697,799
1995 — $655,777
1994 — $748,316
1993 — $628,735
1992 — $171,714

3. Mickelson has Endorsements With Callaway, Barclays & Rolex

Mickelson has been a fan-favorite since early in his career.

And Lefty has been able to parlay that into endorsement deals with some of the biggest names in golf.

If you catch him on the course, you’ll see Mickelson decked out in Callaway gear. He’s basically a walking billboard for them as he wears their clothing and uses the clubs.

He also has sponsorship deals with Rolex, Barclays and Amgen, a biotech company.

4. He was Recently Fined $1M by the SEC

Mickelson ran into some trouble with the Security and Exchange Commission recently.

Mickelson received insider trading tips regarding the Dean Foods stock from friends in 2012. Mickelson invested $2.4 million and it quickly turned into a $931K profit. Mickelson then sold. The golfer owed some gambling debts to one of the tipsters and some of the profits went to pay them off.

The SEC called Mickelson a “relief defendant” but he was never charged. He agreed to pay the SEC $1 million for the wrongdoing.

Click here to see a timeline of the situation.

5. Mickelson Ranks on Numerous Forbes’ Highest-Paid Lists

According to Forbes, Mickelson is one of the richest athletes/celebrities in the world.

So far in 2016, Mickelson is the highest-paid golfer with a total of $52.9 million made between prize money and endorsements.

He’s also the 8th highest-paid athlete in the world and 37th on the celebrity top 100 list.

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