Luiz Melodia, Rio 2016 Olympics Performer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Luiz Melodia is one of the performers at tonight’s Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. In turn, his performance will set the tone for the show, with several other musicians following his lead. The ceremony event is set to highlight Brazilian culture, music and the environment. Read on for our 5 Fast Facts on Melodia below to get to know the talented artist.

1. He Is Performing the Song “Aquele Abraço” at the Olympics

Aquele abraço – Gilberto GilGravação do DVD Eletracústico, 20042015-03-10T20:27:42.000Z

Melodia’s Opening Ceremony performance will feature the song “Aquele Abraço,” which is a song originally done by fellow Rio performer Gilberto Gil. Rio 2016 reports that:

The song describes the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, offering a hug to its inhabitants.

The English translation of “Aquele Abraco,” is “A Big Hug.” Lyrics include: Hello Rio de Janeiro/A big hug!/All Brazillian people/A big hug!. For the full lyrics to the song, in both English and its original version, click here.

2. Melodia Is a Rio Native

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Vasco! #LuizMelodia #Paz #VascodaGama #Vasco

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Luiz Melodia is a native to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, just like the other performers at the event. According to Rio 2016, he came from a musical family and followed in the footsteps of his father. On Melodia’s website, he recalled:

I was picking up his viola, taking a few chords, watching. He would not let me pick up the guitar four-string that was a relic, very beautiful, where I managed to learn somethings.

Melodia’s real name is Luis Carlos dos Santos and he performs all over the world, but still spends a great amount of time in Rio.

3. In Addition to Singing, Melodia Is an Actor

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In his career, Melodia has been an actor as well as a musician. He has also performed songs on various soundtracks. As for his acting in movies, the films include House of Sand and Almost Brothers. He also acted on a TV series titled Bang Bang as the character Sam.

4. He Is Married to a Woman In the Entertainment Business

Since 1977, Melodia has been married to his wife, singer, songwriter and producer Jane Reis. The couple has even collaborated on projects together and Reis supports her man by promoting him on social media.

5. Melodia Recently Suffered a Stroke

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Luiz Melodia – Circo Voador – show Zerima.

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Just last month, Melodia is reported to have suffered a stroke, going to the hospital after reports of severe headaches. ZH Music reported that Luiz Melodia had to cancel a show, stating, “The singer had a first stroke and had to be hospitalized on Wednesday” (as translated into English).

Melodia went to Barra D’Or Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro, after not being able to sleep because of the head pain.