Who Is Sam Mikulak Dating?

Sam Mikulak

Samuel Mikulak is an Olympics gymnast participating in the games at Rio 2016. According to WhosDatedWho, Mikulak is reported to be single and has not been romantically linked with anyone, but in 2013, Mikulak said he was dating a fellow athlete, telling Gymcastic, "I am currently in a relationship with Michelle Roberts who is on the Michigan field hockey team." Mikulak was also asked what it's like having both men and women throw themselves at him, to which he replied: It’s definitely very flattering. I love all the fans that would tweet at me during the whole Olympic process. Feeling all the love from everybody, there’s so much that I wish I could do to get back to everybody. Obviously there’s only retweets and quotes that I can do but it’s such an exciting time in my life. As much as I love hanging out with everybody in the world, there is only so much I really can do. As far as we can tell by their social media accounts, the couple may no longer be together, but the news has not been confirmed by Mikulak. According to Roberts' Facebook page, she currently works as Sports Director at USSSA Midwest Network, Sports Reporter at USSSA and Sports Director at Midwest Sports Productions. For more information on both Roberts and Mikulak, click through our gallery of Mikulak's best and hottest Instagram pics. (Instagram/samuelmikulak)