WWE Draft 2017 Spoilers: Additional Details Revealed About Superstar Shake Up

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The WWE superstar shake up will take place on April 10th and April 11th. (WWE.com)

Next week on WWE programming, a “superstar shake up” will take place, during which wrestlers will be traded between Raw and SmackDown. The WWE has now released some new information about how this will occur.

In a new preview post on WWE.com, the company states that the superstar shake up will be a two-night event taking place both on Monday Night Raw and on SmackDown Live.

This is not like prior WWE drafts that were theoretically random or where the results were determined by matches. Rather, it sounds like the commissioners of Raw and SmackDown Live will be making deals behind the scenes all week, and then those deals will be announced on Raw and SmackDown during the regular broadcast.

“WWE Hall of Famer and newly instated Raw General Manager Kurt Angle has already been in discussion with Team Blue General Manager Daniel Bryan regarding potential Superstar movement,” the WWE.com preview reads.

The superstar shake up will not take up the entire show, though. It’s unclear whether all the new Raw superstars will be announced in one segment or throughout the evening, but it seems there will be way more to Monday’s show than just the draft, as the WWE.com post cited above only has the shake up as one of five preview items.

So which superstars are going to be traded? Right now, the big rumor is that AJ Styles is headed to Monday Night Raw. This would mean that his segment with Shane McMahon on SmackDown last week actually served as a goodbye to the blue brand. It’s unclear for whom he might be traded, but some have speculated Seth Rollins or Sami Zayn.

Another rumor is that The New Day will go to SmackDown Live, which makes sense when one considers the fact that the tag team division on SmackDown could use a makeover and The New Day is one of the most popular WWE tag teams of the decade.

Could Enzo Amore and Big Cass also make a switch? It probably means nothing, but some fans did perk up when they noticed Enzo Amore and Big Cass standing on the blue side of the official WWE.com graphic above. This idea of Enzo and Cass going to SmackDown Live is also supported by the fact that over on Reddit, an apparent WWE insider going by the name adamrfox has been posting spoilers, one of which is that Enzo and Cass are going to SmackDownNobody would really pay much attention to these posts except for the fact that earlier this week, this same Reddit user posted spoilers for Raw and SmackDown that turned out to be accurate: he said that Finn Balor would be back on Raw and that on SmackDown, Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillinger would both debut. He even got the details right, saying that Tye Dillinger would interrupt Curt Hawkins after Hawkins issued an open challenge.

At this time, it seems unlikely that Roman Reigns will be moved to SmackDown Live, as he is expected to have a match at Payback, Raw-branded pay-per-view, at the end of this month. In the women’s division, there is speculation that Charlotte will be going to SmackDown Live, but there has been no concrete information about that so far. 

Check back in next week for coverage of the WWE superstar shake up.