Allen Iverson Posts Support of Carmelo Anthony on Twitter

Carmelo Anthony x Houston Rockets

(Getty Images) Carmelo Anthony

A few NBA stars have come to the defense of embattled veteran Carmelo Anthony in recent days, including Dwayne Wade, over whether he deserves to be rumored as “the fall guy” for the Houston Rockets’ early-season struggles.

It was reported this past weekend that Melo was in discussions with management about his future with the team–confirming the folklore belief that he is to blame for the struggles of whatever team he is on. The trend is uncanny, admittedly. OKC struggled from the moment they added him, he didn’t have much success with the Knicks, and now with his addition to the Houston roster the former title contender has been playing, well, badly.

Somewhat embarrassingly–it certainly didn’t help the rumors–the Rockets had a great game the day the Melo news was announced. Melo himself was absent with an “illness”, and the Rockets went on to play like their old selves, breaking season records in a game that made it seem like they were out of the slump.

It’s still uncertain where the 2003 draftee will end up, but Allen Iverson has joined the ranks of players and former players in Melo’s corner. He posted a picture on Twitter of the two during their days in Denver, with the caption “Same fight, different round Melo #KeepFighting”.

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