Klay Thompson Has Strange Comment on Kevin Durant, Draymond Green Fight

Klay Thompson– Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks (Nov. 13, 2018) [Klay Thomspon speaks on Kevin Durant, Draymond Green Fight]

Klay Thompson– Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks (Nov. 13, 2018)

It has been a pretty turbulent start to the week for the Golden State Warriors. With news spreading of the dysfunction between teammates Kevin Durant and Draymond Green coming to the forefront of the basketball realm, some are questioning if we are witnessing the death of the Warriors dynasty right before our eyes. With internal tension still on the horizon in the Warriors locker room, there’s one person who’s optimistic about the entire Draymond/Durant fiasco, shooting guard Klay Thompson.

Tuesday night, Nov. 12, the Golden State Warriors took on the Atlanta Hawks on their home court without their two starters, Steph Curry, due to injury, and Draymond Green, due to a one-game suspension carried out by the Warriors for his comments on Durant’s impending free agency option at the end of a regulation against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Warriors managed to escape with a 110-103 victory over the Atlanta Hawks. But, it was obvious that the Warriors, down two starters, had to work a little harder to achieve this win.

Following the game, Klay Thompson sat down with the media to speak on his team’s victory but, of course, the Draymond Green/Kevin Durant fiasco had to be addressed to which Klay had a very strange yet funny response to the entire ordeal.

Klay Thompson Comments on the Durant, Draymond Beef

Usually, Klay Thompson is funny for all of the wrong reasons and somehow the shoe still fits as you can tell by the media’s reaction to what some might consider a joke by Klay. When asked what would it take for the Warriors to get past all of the Draymond/Durant hype Thompson replied,

“A win on Thursday. And a win on Saturday and Sunday. So, (just) go on a little win streak and it will not matter. And this will be in the past like a ponytail.”

It’s not what Klay Thompson said that makes his statement hilarious, it’s the deafening silence and the thud of the mic after his attempt of humor is what makes this awkward exchange highly amusing. Somehow, Thompson’s light-hearted comment about Draymond’s altercation with Kevin Durant and the suspension that ensued following the conflict, let’s us know that everything is going to be alright in the long run for the Bay Area ball club.

Klay Thompson was able to rack up 24 points, five rebounds, and four assists in the Warriors’ victory over the Hawks. While Durant scored a team-high of 29 points on 9-23 shooting from the field in a total of 37 minutes.

Check out full highlights from Tuesday night’s, Atlanta Hawks vs Golden State Warriors game below.

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