WATCH: Stephen Jackson Reacts to Dwight Howard Grabbing His Teammates’ Crotches

Earlier this week, Dwight Howard was exposed by a transgender by the name of Masin Elije for allegedly participating in homosexual acts as well as participating in group sex without the use of proper protection. Elije also mentioned that Howard and his pastor were threatening to do him bodily harm if any information of their relationship were to go public. Some are saying that these allegations aren’t true while others have scoured the internet to find possible proof of these claims.

Well, internet investigators did some digging and found several clips of Dwight Howard inappropriately grabbing the crotches of his teammates on several different occasions. With the clips surfacing of Howard groping his teammates the masses reacted but one reaction stood out from the rest coming from ex-NBA player and current BIG3 athlete in Stephen Jackson.

Stephen Jackson took to his Instagram account to give his opinion on the Dwight Howard crotch grabbing habit that has been happening right before our eyes over the past couple of years. Check out the one-time NBA Champion had to say about Howard’s groping custom via social media below.

Stephen Jackson Reacts to Dwight Howard’s Crotch Grabbing Game

In the first part of the two-part Instagram video post, Jackson shook his head in disbelief and pondered on when this crotch-grabbing phenomenon became the norm amongst NBA teammates.

In the second video, Jackson went in a little more depth and ponders why none of Dwight’s teammates didn’t openly reject this ‘game’ of his.

Dwight Howard’s Current NBA Status

At one point, Dwight Howard was the most dominant center in the NBA and even led his Orlando Magic team to the NBA Finals after defeating a Lebron James-led Cavs team in the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2008-09 NBA season. Now, Howard’s become an NBA journeyman and hasn’t found a suitable organization and system for him to thrive in, making him somewhat expendable to most ball clubs.

Dwight is currently out with a glute injury as a member of a struggling (8-13) Washington Wizards team. His interior presence and defense are much-needed by the squad as he’s nearly averaging a double-double scoring 12.8 points per game on 62.3% shooting from the field, alongside 9.2 rebounds per game.

Despite the fact that Howard might be effective on the court, if he’s known to be a habitual sexual harassment violator, it could possibly affect team chemistry. Honestly, who cares who Dwight Howard chooses to sleep with in his personal life. We all shouldn’t be that dense when it comes to athlete’s sexual preferences especially if they have the necessary skill set to help their teams excel on the court/field.

However, Dwight should probably keep his hands to himself and avoid sexually harassing his teammates and co-workers to create a better work environment.

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