Steph Curry’s Wife, Ayesha Curry, Is About to Celebrate 30th Birthday

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Getty Ayesha Curry turns 30 years old in 2019.

As Steph Curry leads the Warriors towards another playoff run, his wife Ayesha Curry is getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday. Ayesha took to Instagram to let fans know about a 30-day challenge she is embarking on before her birthday.

Hey y’all. So an era is coming to an end. I am 30 days away from my 30th birthday. Like what?! 30 where did the time go. It’s weird because I feel like I spent my whole 20’s building and nurturing my family. Let’s be honest I’ve had 3 babies in 6 years. I’ve loved every minute and second of it but I literally can’t believe how fast time has passed. I know I’m one of the “lucky” ones (I like to call it blessed) BUT I still have so much I want to do and accomplish and see. I’m taking these next 30 days and calling it “Ishiboo under construction” working on myself, nurturing MYSELF, setting goals, reflecting and trying something new each day. Today it was probiotics and 64oz of water ?. I’m sure it’ll get ratchet towards the end (my version of ratchet chillll?) . But thanks for coming on this journey with me.

Prior to the start of the 2018-19 season, Steph and Ayesha welcomed their third child, Canon. Steph and Ayesh are also the proud parents of Riley and Ryan.

Riley Calls Steph By a Different Name if He Is Wearing His Warriors Jersey

During a recent interview with The Players’ Tribune, Steph noted his daughter, Riley, calls him by his actual name when he is on the basketball court.

I tell you, as dads you probably have countless stories. Every day there is something funny. The funniest story, that’s the most consistent even to this day, with my oldest daughter Riley … she’s six now. She had a thing where, when she saw me with regular clothes, she called me either daddy or Stephen. Or, sorry, she called me daddy. But then when I put the jersey on I was always Stephen Curry, number 30. There’s a clear distinction between me wearing a jersey and playing basketball versus me just in my street clothes or at the house. And she called me by different names. And that was the point where I realized like, they notice everything about you. You can’t sneak anything behind them.

Ayesha Partnered With Go Daddy to Launch a New Website & Brand

In addition to being a mom, Ayesha is passionate about being an entrepreneur. From cookbooks to restaurants, Ayesha’s main business focus is on ventures that are food-related.

Ayesha announced a partnership with Go Daddy to launch Homemade, a website and brand allowing fans to keep up with Ayesha’s content. Here is how the press release described Homemade.

Ayesha’s new brand and website (, built by web designer Mehran Azma, using Managed WordPress on GoDaddy, showcases her passions and serves as a hub for all of her curated content and business ventures. Homemade is a place where Ayesha’s fans can browse for anything from her latest recipes, to tips for entertaining, or advice on balancing life as a mompreneur. It also features, for the first time, all of Ayesha’s products available for purchase in one place.