Eagles’ Carson Wentz is ‘Better Than Dak Prescott,’ Says NFL Analyst

Carson Wentz

Getty Images Carson Wentz is the best quarterback in the NFC East.

It’s something Eagles fans already knew, but it looks a whole lot better when a well-respected national analyst says it.

NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt, never shy to heap praise on the Philadelphia Eagles, emphatically declared Carson Wentz (a proud carnivore, by the way) the best quarterback in the NFC East Tuesday morning on the show Good Morning, Football. Brandt took his bold statement 50 yards further when he suggested that if the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott was half the quarterback Wentz was, he would have been paid already. Brandt cited Wentz’s numerous new weapons as reasons why, including DeSean Jackson, Jordan Howard, and rookies Miles Sanders and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside.

“The best quarterback by far in the division is back,” Brandt said. “And it’s not even close. If Dak [Prescott] was as good as [Carson] Wentz, he’d be paid already. And, guys, there’s a lot of talk about the Cowboys, they are getting a lot of hype, and I feel like Carson Wentz is my favorite GIF.”

Then, Brandt went off on a tangent about his new favorite Twitter account: keanu reeves walking to music. The parody account overlays pop music — mostly retro tunes from the 1990s and 1980s — with epic red carpet entrances by none other than actor Keanu Reeves. It is pretty brilliant, definitely worth a follow. This might be exactly how Brandt envisions Wentz walking into training camp.

Brandt added: “Wentz walking into practice right now, and looking around, not only feeling good about himself but looking at DeSean here and all those running backs, and not seeing Nick Foles behind him is the Keanu walk up. The best quarterback in the division, by far, is feeling great.”

Pederson Gushes About Wentz’s Arm and Leadership

The adulation Eagles head coach Doug Pederson showered on Wentz Monday after practice may have been excessive, but Eagles fans are happy to hear it. Again and again, on loop. Wentz hadn’t been seen moving around without a knee brace before a few weeks ago. Now, he is flashing the poise and accuracy that put him into the MVP discussion a few years ago.

“Yeah, I mean, gosh, he’s strong. His lower body is strong. His arm is strong,” Pederson said. “You are seeing the things that we saw a couple of years ago when he was healthy, obviously. He’s leading the offense, leading the team, and really doing a nice job out there. Getting on the same page with DeSean [WR DeSean Jackson] and really kind of getting that rapport going.”

According to NJ.com, Wentz completed 20-of-28 passes at Monday’s practice and targeted Jackson six times. The Wentz-to-Jackson connection has the potential to be “something special.” The feeling is mutual between both quarterback and receiver.

“He’s awesome,” Wentz said about Jackson. “I’m excited to just keep building that chemistry with him, both on the field and off the field. He’s a great teammate, and I think we’re going to do something special with him.”

Want better news? The Eagles haven’t held Wentz back at all so far in spring practices, allowing him to fully integrate himself back into the offense with no limitations. The sky’s the limit in 2019.

“Carson, been real impressed with where Carson is,” Pederson said. “We were cautious early. We just wanted to make sure he was progressing each day, and we’ve increased his load. He’s handled it well.”

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