Patrick Mahomes’ Parents Expected Him to Play Baseball

Patrick Mahomes Parents

Getty Patrick Mahomes dad, Pat Mahomes Sr., had a successful MLB career.

Count Patrick Mahomes’ parents, Randi Martin and Pat Mahomes Sr., among those that were a little surprised about their son’s football stardom. It is not that they did not expect their son to be successful as Patrick was a freakish athlete from a young age. It is just that Patrick was an excellent baseball player prior to his football ascent.

It was a bit easier to envision their son taking the mound in the MLB playoffs in October, rather than running onto the field for Sunday Night Football. Patrick’s dad, Pat Sr., believed his son would follow in his footsteps as a pro baseball player.

“If I was a betting man back then, I would’ve made a bet that he was going to do baseball,” Pat Sr. told The Kansas City Star. “I know that he could’ve made it to the big leagues. Some of the guys he played with in high school, they made it to the big leagues and he was every bit as good as they were. I think he had a chance, but I think now he made a good choice.”

Mahomes’ Mom, Randi, Has an Amazing Custom Jersey

While it may have initially taken them by surprise, Patrick’s parents know that their son is more than capable of defying the odds. Patrick’s mom, Randi, has an amazing custom jersey that says “QB Producer” on the back. The jersey was featured on a recent CBS game broadcast, and Randi also took to Twitter to show off her customization with the Chiefs quarterback.

Over the offseason, Randi got to fulfill one of her dreams by attending the ESPYS with her son. Patrick promised if he was ever invited to the awards show that he would take his mom with him.

“I got my girlfriend who is here with me right now somewhere backstage, and then I have my mom is coming with me, too,” Mahomes said, per The Kansas City Star. “When I was in college, she said if I make the ESPYs or I if I get to go there, she wants to be my date.”

Mahomes’ Dad, Pat Sr., Played 11 MLB Seasons

Pat Sr. played 11 MLB seasons which included stints with the Twins, Red Sox and Mets. While Patrick had skills on the baseball diamond, the allure of playing quarterback was too much to pass up.

“His junior year, he got to be quarterback,” Pat Sr. noted to KSHB Kansas City 41. “He’d always wanted to be the quarterback. He just told me, ‘Dad, I want to try this football thing out and see what I can do.’ Playing in Texas, you get thousands of people up in the stands, and I just feel like he liked being out there in the pressure situation with everybody watching.”

The Detroit Tigers selected Patrick in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft as the Chiefs quarterback was drafted much later as teams realized he had his eyes on the NFL.

“He was very up-front about football,” Tigers’ scout Tim Grieve explained to “That pushed him down the board. He was one of the better athletes I’ve covered in East Texas in my 15 years.”