Myles Garrett’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Myles Garrett’s family includes his two siblings, Sean and Brea, and his parents, Audrey and Lawrence Garrett. Garrett does not have a girlfriend or wife.

On November 14, the Cleveland Browns player sent shockwaves through the nation when he ripped the helmet off of Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with eight seconds left in the game, then proceeded to swing the helmet at him and make contact with Rudolph’s head. You can see the video of that event here. You can learn more about the likely repercussions he faces, in terms of a possible suspension, here. 

Here’s what you need to know about Garrett’s family and romantic life:

1. Garrett’s Parents Are Audrey & Lawrence Garrett; Audrey Pushed ‘Tooth & Nail’ to Get Him Into the 2019 Sports Illustrated Body Issue

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Audrey and Lawrence Garrett are the mother and father of Garrett. Audrey was an athlete of her own right before her children came along: she was an All-American track star at Hampton University.

Lawrence wrote about Garrett’s success in football in an article for The Player’s Tribune in 2017, titled “The Myles I Know.”He described Garrett as “an obedient kid” who “never had a rebellious stage,” among other things.

Lawrence wrote,

I’ve always told Myles that not everybody is going to love him. There will be people who are negative toward him just because they can be. He’s always understood that and taken it in stride. But it’s important to me that people know that Myles Garrett is much more than just a football player. He’s something much more important than that.

As for Audrey, she admitted to being the driving force behind Garrett’s decision to be in the Body Issue of Sports Illustrated in 2019. Garrett told the magazine that his mother “worked tooth and nail” to get him into the issue, and she agreed.

She said, “Oh, I pushed it. Myles has always worked on his body, he’s very proud of it. And I like the artistic nature of the Body Issue. I’ve looked at it for many years and I said, ‘As soon as Miles gets an opportunity, we got to get in there.'”

2. Garrett’s Brother, Sean Williams, Played in the NBA From 2007-2012

Garrett’s older brother, Sean Williams, played college basketball at Boston College and was drafted to the New Jersey Nets in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft. Sean is Garrett’s half brother; Garrett and his sister, Brea, came from their mother’s second marriage to Lawrence.

Garrett has cited his brother’s relationship to weed as something he never wants for himself. He said to Sports Illustrated, “My brother was an example for what not to do. The weed, it’s a distraction. A lot of other things can be distractions—girls, other drugs, fame and ego. I don’t want any of that to distract me from my main goal, which is going to the NFL and being the best defensive lineman or player who ever played.”

Brea said of her brother’s relationship to their older brother to Sports Illustrated, “Myles looks up to Sean and loves Sean but knows the things Sean went through and how my mom hated watching her son self-destruct. Myles never wanted to let my mom down. Honestly, the best thing Sean could have done for Myles was to f— up.”

3. Garrett’s Sister, Brea Garrett, Was a Track & Field Athlete at Texas A&M

Athletics run in the Garrett family. Garrett’s sister, Brea Garrett, was a successful collegiate athlete, winning a 2014 NCAA championship in the 20-pound weight throw as a track and field player.

According to a Sports Illustrated profile of Garrett, Brea often stopped by the football office at A&M to give them tips and tricks on how to best recruit Garrett to play for them.

4. Garrett Does Not Have a Public Girlfriend, & Has Never Been Married; He Does Write Love Poetry, Though

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Garrett has never been married. He doesn’t have a wife, and does not have a girlfriend in the public eye.

With that said, Garrett has talked on his Instagram about the importance of loving others in general. In fact, he’s even posted what appears to be love poetry to his Instagram. Garrett has been honest in the past about enjoying his hobby of writing poetry. To Sports Illustrated, he said he writes “mostly poems.”

One such poem he posted to his Instagram reads in part,

“You were always worth it

And deserve all the credit

For knowing we were headed

Looked a lot like the exit

Unsuccessful, but never regretted

The sweetest love, I’ll never forget it”

5. Garrett Frequently Pays Tribute to His Family on Social Media

On his Instagram account, Garrett has paid tribute to his family on multiple occasions. In one of his first Instagram posts, he wrote of his two siblings, “So blessed to have been raised alongside you two.. always thankful.”

In another Thanksgiving-themed Instagram post, Garrett wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving Folks! ?? make sure to remind your family, friends, and even someone new that they’re loved and you’re grateful for their presence and who they are. Enjoy some football and have a blessed night!”