XFL Hilariously Trolls Antonio Brown During His Latest Twitter Rant

antonio brown

Getty NFL Free Agent WR Antonio Brown.

It wasn’t long ago when Antonio Brown issued a public apology to “all who I’ve offended.” The move wasn’t his first apology and probably won’t be the last. Over the last year, the superstar wide receiver has made more enemies than he could’ve possibly imagined. While he’ll likely blame it on some sort of conspiracy to keep him out of the NFL, he only has himself to blame for his antics.

His most recent apology was likely the last chance effort to get on an NFL squad before the regular season was over. There were no takers and he couldn’t keep quiet for long. He went back on Twitter and accused the NFL of being “racist” and ripped his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He also put all the players who have been arrested before on blast. Somebody on Twitter suggested he should join the XFL and he simply said “No way.” The young football league decided to clap back at Brown.

Ouch, if a new football league like the XFL doesn’t even want you, then you know you’ve burned too many bridges.

Antonio Brown Threw Shade at His Agent

Antonio Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has worked overtime in the past to keep his client out of trouble. However, even he isn’t safe from Brown’s wrath. In a now-deleted tweet, the wide receiver threw some obvious shade at Rosenhaus and insinuated that he hasn’t done enough to help him.

Outside of his friends and family, Brown doesn’t have many supporters left. There’s only so much Rosenhaus can do. It’s not wise for Brown to burn that bridge because if he does, it’s hard to imagine a respectable agent would be willing to take him on as a client. Even if there was a conspiracy to keep him out of the NFL, he’s going about it the completely wrong way. The fact of the matter is that if he would’ve thrown his phone in a ditch after the allegations came out against him, he would probably still be on a team. His social media activity is playing a large role in why teams are reluctant to sign him.

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Will Antonio Brown Play in the NFL Again?

It’s safe to assume that Brown could still join a team this week and be their best wide receiver. He stays in shape, he’s healthy and he knows how to get open. A wide receiver needy team like the New England Patriots or Oakland Raiders sure could use his help these days. He’s already burned bridges with both teams in more ways than one, so it’s almost impossible to imagine he’ll end up with them.

He has so much talent that it’s also hard to imagine that some team won’t give him a shot. The risk could be worth the reward with him. Brown just really needs to show that he can go a couple of months without going on an unhinged Twitter rant. So far, he hasn’t shown that ability. That being said, there are 32 teams who would love to have his talent. They just don’t want Antonio Brown’s persona.

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