‘BMF’ Champ Jorge Masvidal’s Chilling Warning to UFC Star

Jorge Masvidal

Getty Jorge Masvidal.

UFC “BMF” champion Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal didn’t mince words when talking to Heavy about potentially facing UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman next.

“I don’t know which Kumaru’s going to (read) this,” Masvidal said. “But to whichever one does…I’m ready to kick your ass, man.”

Usman defeated Colby Covington at UFC 245 in December. Masvidal is the No. 3 ranked welterweight according to the UFC’s official 170-pound rankings, which makes the surging 35-year-old  welterweight the highest-ranked contender Usman hasn’t yet faced.

But when asked about the prospect of facing Masvidal for his next title defense after his last win, Usman momentarily pretended not to know who Masvidal was (before going on to praise the fighter).

That elicited a video response from Masvidal released via YouTube featuring clips of Masvidal’s best UFC moments including when Usman was sitting ringside for Masvidal’s epic five-second knock out of Ben Askren at UFC 239.

But Masvidal still doesn’t like how Usman handled that question.

“For this guy to say, ‘who’ and really try to sell the public on that, like, ‘who is that guy’?” Masvidal said. “He’s front row at all my fights watching me execute people. It tells you a lot. To me, it tells you everything.”

Masvidal said Usman’s antics were all the evidence he needed that the UFC welterweight champ doesn’t want to defend his title against the first-ever “BMF” champion, Masvidal.

“He wants to (fight) anybody else but me,” Masvidal said. “And that’s cool. You can just vacate the belt, and then I’ll take it that way, too. If not, let’s go. You know you’re going to get embarrassed in front of the world and that’s it. There’s nothing else to it.”

Masvidal Clearly Not Usman’s Biggest Fan

Usman also recently suggested on social media that Masvidal was the one who didn’t want the fight between the two fighters to happen.

Masvidal shut that idea down quickly when Heavy asked about it. Masvidal said he didn’t know what Usman was talking about but that he had stopped trying to figure out a long time ago what was going on inside Usman’s head.

“I used to get maybe a little slightly weirded out by trying to figure out Usman,” Masvidal said. “But then I realized, this guy has 17 personalities.”

Masvidal agreed that what he was calling Usman’s “personalities” might simply be the fighter’s wide-ranging attempts to promote himself. Still, whatever was going on there, Masvidal wasn’t a huge fan of any of it.

“I don’t know if he’s LL Cool J today, licking his lips on camera, trying to court girls or something or what,” Masvidal said. “So I don’t know who it is. If he’s reporting, then he’s got this wannabe Daniel Cormier vibe to him.”

Regardless, Masvidal confirmed to Heavy that he was ready and willing to face Masvidal in his next fight for the UFC welterweight championship.

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Masvidal Believes Usman More Likely Opponent Than Conor McGregor

While Masvidal said he would love to earn the lucrative pay associated with facing UFC superstar Conor McGregor, the fighter told Heavy he would probably end up facing Usman in his next fight because of UFC president Dana White’s assumed plans for the UFC’s “golden cow” McGregor. In short, Masvidal doesn’t think the UFC wants to pit McGregor against Masvidal because he’s too dangerous an opponent.

And Masvidal believes the idea of the Nigerian-born American having to step up face him has the champ shaking in his boots.

“He knows that if Conor and me doesn’t work out, his sentence is immediate,” Masvidal said. “And the choice, there’s…nothing to it. He knows it himself that he just has to hand his belt over (after I beat him).”

So Masvidal said it was Usman who was actually trying to avoid making the fight between the two popular welterweights happen this year.

“He doesn’t want to fight me,” Masvidal said.

But Masvidal said Usman wouldn’t really have any other choice because of where Masvidal currently sits in the rankings and how great a year he had in 2019. In fact, Masvidal was named Fighter of the Year by numerous publications for his stunning wins over Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz.

“There’s a criteria to fight for his belt, and there’s a ranking system where we get ranked,” Masvidal said. “He wants to call out the guy that’s ranked under me?”

Usman recently suggested the most-deserving fighter for a title shot in the welterweight ranks was Leon Edwards, who is ranked No. 4 at welterweight and who Usman has already defeated.

““Eh. Who cares?” Usman told TMZ Sports when asked about fighting Masvidal. “Honestly, I’m being honest, if you talk about a guy who is deserving of a title shot, it’s Leon Edwards… He’s a guy who I know is tough, and I recognize his talents for sure.”

Masvidal does not agree.

“Why would he want to do that, and then dismiss me?” Masvidal asked. “I’m the fighter of the year for every publication, every award show that there is. Not even to brag, but I won them all, the awards that they possibly could give.”

Masvidal’s Chilling Plan for Usman Revealed

Masvidal said he wasn’t going to let all the different ways Usman confuses him get under his skin anymore. Instead, Masvidal is anxious to get the fight made as soon as possible.

“Well, he’s very confusing and like I said, these 17 personalities of his, I don’t know who’s going to pull up today,” Masvidal said.

“But I think eventually, especially after I get to baptize him, he’ll be a better person. I don’t know how many personalities I’m going to assassinate on the day we compete, but I’m definitely going to take some of those personalities away.”

Masvidal told Heavy that getting his hands on Usman inside the Octagon will change the welterweight champion in more ways than just taking away the 32-year-old’s title belt.

“He’ll become different,” Masvidal said. “People act differently after I baptize them.”

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