Eagles GM Compares Jalen Hurts to Nick Foles in Weird Exchange

Chicago Bears QB Nick Foles

Getty QB Nick Foles

As Philly fans try to make sense of the team selecting Jalen Hurts, Eagles GM Howie Roseman made a weird assessment of the situation.

Roseman compared Hurts to former backup (and Super Bowl MVP) Nick Foles, without prompting. That’s not good. Foles was the elephant in the room — to use a popular Roseman phrase — for two years before he left for greener pastures. Carson Wentz had finally rid himself of Foles’ shadow.

Not anymore. Hurts is the new Foles and Roseman welcomed the comparison.

“We didn’t think this was much different than when we brought Nick Foles in,” Roseman said.

Remember, Hurts took a backseat to new Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama in 2018 after Nick Saban benched him at halftime in the national championship game. It was seen as a selfless gesture at the time but Hurts transferred to Oklahoma the following season. Roseman quickly dismissed the notion that there would be any problems in Philadelphia.

Wentz can say all the right things to the media and heap tons of praise on Hurts via Twitter. He’s too classy and too noble, a rare combination in sports these days.

But everyone knows that whenever Wentz throws that first interception, or whenever that rogue defensive end lands awkwardly on his head, the calls for Hurts are going to come. And they will boom louder than a “Dallas Sucks” chant at the Linc. Foles may be gone but his lingering shadow will be reincarnated as a 21-year-old mobile quarterback from Oklahoma with unlimited potential. That’s just a fact.

Give Hurts credit, though. He wouldn’t take the bait when the Philly media prodded him late Friday night. He was soaking in the moment.

“No idea what will happen,”  Hurts told reporters. “I control what I can. I just got drafted, it’s a great moment for me and my family. They picked me. I’m an Eagle, I’m an Eagle and it’s a blessing. Looking forward to what’s to come. I will control my work and my effort”

Eagles Talked to Wentz Before Taking Hurts

Carson Wentz wasn’t blindsided by the decision to draft Jalen Hurts at 53rd overall. In fact, Eagles GM Howie Roseman confessed that the organization cleared the pick with their franchise quarterback first. They wanted to make sure Wentz was on board with the move. Guess what? He was.

“This is who we are,” Roseman said. “We think this [quarterback] is the most important position in sports. No one is looking at a rookie quarterback to be taking over for a Pro-Bowl quarterback.”

The Eagles seem to view Hurts as an “asset” moving forward. Does that mean they are looking to trade him? Maybe. Does that mean they want to use him in a similar role to Taysom Hill in New Orleans? Likely. Either way, Hurts is here to stay and the organization loves him.

“We think he’s more valuable than the pick we took him at. That’s our job, to acquire as many assets as we can,” Roseman said. “Acquiring players that have a high value. And what position has more value than the quarterback position?”

Roseman is right. There isn’t a more valuable position in the NFL. However, the decision to invite drama into a well-oiled locker room may prove dangerous. Especially with the absence of a glue guy like Malcolm Jenkins.

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