Jadeveon Clowney ‘Leaks’ Info to Attract More Teams: Report

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Getty Jadeveon Clowney's future is the biggest topic of the Seahawks' offseason.

As news broke that Jadeveon Clowney lowered his asking price, one Seahawks’ insider noted his belief that it was an attempt by the pass-rusher to create more demand. The News Tribune’s Gregg Bell called the leak an attempt by Clowney to “attract more competing, longer-term offers.”

“Leaking that he is dropping his asking price is an attempt to attract more competing, longer-term offers,” Bell noted in The News Tribune.

Bell’s comments came even before ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that Clowney was close to signing with the Browns before negotiations stagnated. Reading between the lines, the Seahawks have an offer on the table that is not to Clowney’s liking. However, Clowney has been unable to find a team willing to sign him to a better deal, so he does not have much leverage in the negotiations. Despite these recent attempts, Clowney is unlikely to find a more lucrative offer as long as the current NFL meeting restrictions are in place as a response to COVID-19.

Clowney Lowered His Asking Price But Still Remains Unsigned

The specific report that Bell referenced is ESPN’s Dianna Russini noting that Clowney had brought down the salary he is seeking to the $17-18 million range. Almost a week has passed since the report, and Clowney remains on the free-agent market.

“As we continue to watch the market for Jadeveon Clowney, I am told by several sources the asking price has been moved off that $20mil+ number and it’s closer to $17-18mil. This could spark more interest. Also told Titans and Seahawks are still ‘interested,’” Russini explained on Twitter.

Shortly after the report, the Titans confirmed they had been in contact with Clowney. Titans GM Jon Robinson noted that the team was trying to “navigate and work through where that one might be” when it comes to Clowney’s future, per the Titans website. Robinson admitted that part of the challenge has been the inability to get their own medical staff to look at Clowney.

“Just through talking with the agent,” Robinson said, per the Titans website. “As far as actually getting a medical report on the player, you’re not going to have a medical report on the player until he sees your team doctors. But I would say there is nothing more important than the health of the players. Their ability to go out and play for 16 games is important, or at least the games they are healthy enough to play in that they are impactful. That is definitely an important part of the decision when you are looking to sign somebody.”

Clowney Was Reportedly Close to Signing With the Browns

So far, it appears the Browns have come the closest of any team to reaching a deal with Clowney. Fowler reported that the Browns are believed to have gotten “closer with Clowney than other suitors.”

“From @SportsCenter earlier: Cleveland Browns have shown interest in Jadeveon Clowney, and some people around league believe Cleveland got closer with Clowney than other suitors, though nothing ultimately happened from recent talks. Seattle’s offer hasn’t been what Clowney wants,” Fowler explained on Twitter.

Even if the reports were leaked from Clowney’s camp, it does not appear that it has brought the pass rusher any closer to landing the contract he is seeking. With free agency hitting the one-month mark, Clowney seems content to continue to wait out the market.

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