Here’s When Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Should Retire

Boxing Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury


Boxing’s undefeated heavyweight titleholder and lineal champion Tyson Fury accepted the challenge presented to him from a newly crowned world champion on Monday. The 31-year-old WBC titleholder said he was ready to take on the new WWE champ Drew McIntyre in his next WWE appearance.

With all the uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, it’s difficult to know when that match could actually take place. Furthermore, the Gypsy King would seem to have unfinished business inside the boxing ring. His third fight versus the recently defeated Deontay Wilder was postponed from its July 2020 date, and ultimately boxing fans would likely want to see an undisputed heavyweight champion crowned in an assumed megafight against Anthony Joshua.

Fury’s Future in Boxing

Looking ahead, Fury has work to do in boxing before he can make the jump over to the WWE. Although hardcore boxing fans believe Fury has thoroughly proven himself against former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontary Wilder, the Bronze Bomber did enact his immediate rematch clause after their second fight. The COVID-19 outbreak has put the brakes on that rubber match, but it is reasonable to expect that fight to happen by the end of 2020 or the beginning of next year.

Assuming Fury defeats Wilder in their third clash, Fury should then take on the unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Fight fans have long been waiting for another undisputed heavyweight champion to emerge in boxing, and at long last, it seems it might finally happen. Assuming normal daily activities resume across the world by mid-summer, we could expect Fury to face Wilder in October 2020, and then Joshua no later than May 2021.

Fury: The Next WWE Giant

If Fury becomes boxing’s undisputed heavyweight champion, he has nothing left to prove in the sport. Sure, he could follow the path of the legendary Manny Pacquiao and continue to face elite competition year after year, but I think Fury’s ultimate calling lies within the WWE.

Assuming Fury defeats both Wilder and Joshua by May 2021, he could be a WWE regular by the following year. He’s already gotten his feet wet at the Crown Jewel PPV in Saudia Arabia versus Braun Strowman. He’s also had enough time on the mic to show he’s not just a big man, but a big man that can spit some serious fire.

After defeating Joshua, Fury could potentially take a year to train as a WWE superstar. He needs little work on the mic, but he will need to learn how to wrestle and develop a spectacular finishing move.

As early as the spring of 2022, Fury could potentially be ready for the WWE stage. Might Fury headline Wrestlemania 38?

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Why Fury is Perfect for the WWE

After Fury retires from boxing, he should make his move to the WWE. I have no doubt that Fury’s ultimate calling and purpose lies within the world of professional wrestling, at least as it pertains to the next decade or so.

As laid out above, the timeline could be perfect for him to make a full-time transition as early as April of 2022, and Fury is perfect for the WWE.

Here’s why.

Tyson Fury Has Mad Mic Skills

The Gypsy King has never been at a loss for words during his entire boxing career. He’s never shied away from an open mic, and furthermore, he excels within that realm. This skill is absolutely necessary for success in the WWE. We have seen superbly athletic professional wrestlers come and go because they lacked the necessary mic skills all WWE superstars must have if they hope to hit it big.

This would not be the case with Fury. He’s already proven himself with his limited WWE experience, and it’s reasonable to expect he would only get better.

Unlike Brock Lesnar, Fury wouldn’t need a sidekick to handle all his mic work. And, unlike Roman Reigns, he wouldn’t need the full force of the WWE higher-ups to continually push his career.

No, Fury could become a massive superstar all on his own, perhaps even battling the likes of John Cena when cutting promos.

Big Men Sell in the WWE

The WWE loves big and powerful figures. Andre the Giant, Kevin Nash and The Big Show are just some of the massive stars that have graced the WWE’s ring. Today, Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre carry the load of being today’s big and strong WWE tough guys, both of which hold major world championships.

The Gypsy King stands at 6 foot 9 inches and at his last weigh-in was 273 pounds. At just 31 years old, he remains a prime candidate to become a legit player in the world of WWE giants. He already possesses supreme athleticism and some of the best boxing skills fans have ever witnessed inside the heavyweight division. His WWE stardom would be complete with the simple addition of a few well-done moves and a nice finisher, such as to Lesnar’s F-5 or The Undertaker’s Chokeslam.

Fury already showed off what could be a finishing move at the Crown Jewel PPV against Strowman. The match ended by count-out after Fury landed a huge right hand. In the leadup to that match, Fury also spoke about another finishing move he coined the “Dosser Drop”. We have yet to see that one in action, but it’s definitely something that could be on the way.

Fury’s Future is Bright

Given that the shelf life of any professional athlete is relatively short, many combat sports celebrities are left to wonder about what their future might be after retirement.

As laid out above, Fury doesn’t seem like someone who would need to worry about his future. He was made for WWE stardom.

Let’s hope, once his boxing career is over, he answers that call and helps provide the world the entertainment it deserves.

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