Jon Jones Drops Bombshell to UFC: ‘Release Me From My Contract’

Dana White and Jon Jones

Getty Dana White and Jon Jones

Last week, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones shocked fans when he tweeted, “It’s been fun you guys, maybe I’ll see you all in a year or two.” Bones wrote the comment after botched negotiations with UFC president Dana White to move up to the heavyweight division and fight Francis Ngannou.

A few hours after that tweet, Jones wrote: “I’ve had some time to think about it and Im a lot less emotional. Just sad that the [UFC] doesn’t see my value against the scariest [heavyweight] in the world. Jan I guess you’re next in line.”

In the last few days, Jones and White have been going at it in the media. On Thursday, White spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, and he detailed the situation regarding Jones and the failed negotiations. Here is a clip of the interview:

In the interview, Okamoto asked White what his thoughts were about Bones moving up to heavyweight to fight Ngannou. White answered, “Listen, it’s one thing if you come out and say ‘Yeah listen I want a little more money.’ The amount of money that Jon Jones wanted…” White stopped speaking and shook his head.

He continued, “In the light heavyweight division, the Dominick Reyes fight is a fight that makes sense. So, is Jon Jones going to go in and fight Francis Ngannou then try and take a run at the heavyweight title? I don’t believe that. He’s never wanted to move to heavyweight before — and for the amount of money he’s asking for, it’s not going to happen. You couldn’t be asking for a more absurd amount of money at a worse time.”

White then said that Jones had opponents “lined up” at light heavyweight, Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz.

After ESPN posted the interview with White on Twitter, Bones slammed the UFC president.

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Bones Slammed White, Said That He Won’t Allow White to ‘Lie to the Fans’

On Thursday evening, Bones tweeted, “It’s interesting to just sit here and watch your boss lie to the camera like this. We never discussed any increase in pay. Immediately the conversation was that I already made enough. I never made a number offer.”

Bones then tweeted, “If you’re not going to change my contract for the heavyweight move, at least have the decency to be honest with the fans.”

Bones continued, “I was over the situation, but I’m not gonna sit back and allow Dana to lie to the fans. I never asked for an absurd amount of money. That’s bulls**t.”

The UFC light heavyweight champ then said, “Absolute bulls**t.”

A few hours later, Jon tweeted, “I’m not going to give up hope the way I’m taking this whole thing is [UFC] don’t want to budget the Jon Jones heavyweight move up right now. They should’ve just said that, lying on me and saying I asked for too much it’s just unfair. That was unnecessary.”

He continued, “You already let me down a bit by shutting down this Francis Mega fight, don’t add salt to the wound by telling the fans something that’s not the truth.”

Bones finished by saying, “If you’re wondering I’m not fighting with Ufc. I’m not mad at Dana or beefing. Just surprised he went that route. I said my piece, I’m over it.”

The Next Day, White Said That Jones Was Asking for ‘Deontay Wilder Money’ & Jones Tells UFC to Release Him From His Contract

The next day, White told media that Jones was asking for “Deontay Wilder money” to fight Ngannou, according to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. White has not confirmed that amount of money Jones asked for.

Jones took to Twitter and wrote, “If you’re going to stick to these lies, I’m going to stick to defending myself. Please have your lawyer Hunter Campbell release those text messages.”

Bones then tweeted, “Don’t be a f**king liar, my reputation has already taking enough hits. I don’t need this bulls**t Dana. I never asked for Diante Wilder‘s numbers. And how about since Diante is making 30 million, we settle for half of that. Since you said I’m the goat and everything.”

He then dropped a bombshell tweet: “I don’t even make half of half of what Diante Wilder makes. If my reputation causes you to undervalue me this much. Just go ahead and release me from my [UFC] contract altogether. I’m sure some promoter somewhere will be more than happy to pick me up.”

Jones then wrote, “And if I wanted to compare money to someone else, I would compare money to my brothers. I see firsthand the way the NFL treats their champion athletes, there’s a huge difference. I’ve kept my mouth shut my entire career.”

The light heavyweight champ wrote, “Do I make 5+ per fight yes. Should I stick to that number for my super fights? No. If you don’t agree with me you just don’t know business. I certainly didn’t ask for 30, never even threw out a number.”

Jones Was Campaigning for a Bout With Top-Ranked Heavyweight Ngannou

On May 9, Ngannou, who is currently ranked No. 2 in the heavyweight division, starched Jairzinho Rozenstruik in 20 seconds during UFC 249. After that match, Bones started campaigning for a fight with Ngannou. There have been calls for Jones to move up to heavyweight for years. The two went back-and-forth on Twitter, trading verbal jabs.

On May 19, Ngannou tweeted a picture of himself with the caption “Hello Jonny are you still there? @JonnyBones.” Jones replied, “First you can save the rest of your tongue pictures for your other homies and yes I’m right here, just waking up from watching that Derek Lewis fight again. You ain’t scaring nobody, I saw your heart. You’re a big old mouse, I’ll expose you.”

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