Kyle Long Gives Bears’ QB Mitch Trubisky Some Fiery, Fatherly Advice

Former Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long

Getty Former Bears guard Kyle Long, former starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky and GM Ryan Pace in happier days prior to the start of the 2019 season. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Kyle Long is all in on Mitch Trubisky. Since he retired after the 2019 NFL season, the former three-time Pro Bowl guard for the Chicago Bears has voiced his support for Trubisky multiple times despite noting things don’t look good for his former quarterback. Long said last month he thinks Trubisky’s days may be numbered in Chicago due to the team bringing in former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, and most oddsmakers tend to agree. That doesn’t mean Long doesn’t fully believe in Trubisky, however.

In an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show The Herd on Tuesday, Long doubled down on his support for Trubisky when Cowherd stated he didn’t exactly believe in the fourth-year quarterback. “I think there’s a ceiling with him,” Cowherd said about Trubisky, while also noting it already feels as though Foles will be the given leader in the Bears’ clubhouse.

“I think that’s a wrong judgement, and I respect the fact that you have stood by your judgement of Mitch Trubisky for a long time, but I gotta say as a man who has blocked for him, as a guy who has been in the building with him, Mitch Trubisky has not reached his potential yet but he’s an extremely hard worker, and he’s ascending,” Long said.

Kyle Long Has Some Words of Wisdom for Mitch Trubisky

Long then gave Trubisky some advice his dad, former Raiders legend, Howie Long, had often given him in the past. “I think if I’m Mitch, the only thing I can control is Cutting. It. Loose,” Long said with additional emphasis on the latter part of the sentence. “Be a freak, let your freak flag fly. My dad always told me that, and you know what, Mitch? If you’re listening, do that thing, man. Go out there, compete, and do the thing that everybody says you can’t do, which is kick somebody’s you-know-what, and go get that starting position.”

When Cowherd asked him if he thought Foles would win the starting job, Long gave his opinion while also noting he had spoken to his brother Chris about Nick Foles. Chris Long was on the 2017 Super Bowl-winning Eagles team led by Foles, so he knows a thing or two about him. “He speaks very highly of Nick, but you know, I speak highly of my guy Mitch, as well. And I think if there’s a true competition and Mitch is given the opportunity, with this shortened offseason and his understanding of our team, he’s gonna be the starter. But you never know when a team brings in a guy like Nick Foles, that speaks less about Mitch and more to how the Bears feel about the quarterback situation.”

Despite his constant assurances he likes Trubisky and thinks his ultimate potential hasn’t yet been seen, Long still thinks the team could move on from the former second-overall pick. Long has also suggested that if the Bears strengthened their offensive line and ran the ball more effectively, Trubisky would look better than he has.

You can watch Long’s entire interview with Cowherd below.

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