Giants Defender ‘Has an Opportunity to Become the Next Ray Lewis’

Deandre Baker has oppertunity to be the next Ray Lewis, not Ray Rice

Getty DeAndre Baker (L) & Ray Lewis (R)

One of the brightest young talents on the New York Giants defense has been compared to the likes of one of the greatest football players in NFL history. However, it has little to do with their on-field play.

Patrick G. Patel, the attorney for DeAndre Baker, believes that the cornerback is victim to a “shakedown.” Patel feels his client’s four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm are “complete garbage.” He even went as far as to draw a parallel between Baker and former Baltimore Ravens standouts Ray Lewis and Ray Rice.

“He’s got an opportunity to become the next Ray Lewis and not the next Ray Rice,” Patel stated in an interview with SNY. “There’s two guys who went in two different directions. I told DeAndre that. And he seems very focused. He’s scared straight. I can say that.”

Lewis, of course, was once indicted on murder charges before going on to produce a Hall of Fame career. While Rice, on the other hand, was arrested for domestic assault in 2014 and never played another snap in the NFL.

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Baker’s Attorney Files Motion to Keep His Guns From Police

Following Baker’s charges, the Giants defender was directed by authorities to hand over any firearms that he owns. However, his legal team isn’t quite ready to oblige.

Baker’s attorneys have filed a motion to suppress the submission of Baker’s registered handgun, as they fear that witnesses could potentially mistake the weapons for ones that were used during the robbery in question.

“We have concerns because we don’t believe any of the witnesses in this case,” Patel said. “If we just turn the gun in, they’re just going to say, ‘Well, that’s the gun.’ You know what I mean? If we don’t [turn the gun in], they can say it’s a black gun, then it turns out to be a blue gun. It further adds to my suspicion that this is a shakedown.”

Baker Eager to Return to New Jersey, Giants

The court has mandated that Baker must remain in Florida while he awaits his trial, for which a date has yet to be set.

The Giants have notably told Baker to stay away from the team’s virtual offseason at the moment, while he works out his legal issues.

Yet, according to  of, it appears Baker is eager to get back to work with his teammates. Patel has confirmed that the former 1st-round pick returned to a “complete training regimen,” to prepare for the season on Monday, and would like to return to the state of New Jersey as soon as “it is safe to travel up there.”

“They [the court] don’t want to stop the kid from working,” said Patel. “That’s his life. They release more criminals that have already been found guilty. This kid is not guilty. He has a constitutional right.”

Rosenblatt also noted that Patel and Baker’s legal team are confident that Broward County Court will approve their request to let Baker return to New Jersey, once the COVID-19 pandemic allows for safe travel to the state.