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The absolute best trash talkers in sports are the ones that can keep their mouths moving with funny quips and personal anecdotes even after getting smashed. Former UFC welterweight contender Ben Askren might be the funniest and most ridiculous trash talker in the world right now (both about himself and others) and the fact that he’s officially retired from MMA doesn’t matter in the least.

The latest idea thrown down by Askren was over former rival Jorge Masvidal’s recent interview appearance in which the UFC “BMF” champion appears to have stopped shaving for quarantine.

Askren tabbed Masvidal as a Forrest Gump look-a-like and tweeted out a side-by-side comparison of the UFC fighter and fictional movie character portrayed by Tom Hanks.

Masvidal Scored Fastest KO in UFC History Against Askren

The best part, of course, is that Askren is doing this after suffering the fastest knockout loss in UFC history to Masvidal last summer at UFC 239.

To keep up with Askren’s Gump comparison, Masvidal just kept running when he faced Askren inside the Octagon.

Unlike Gump though who ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours to what some have estimated might have been a total of 15,248 miles, Masvidal only had to run about 12 feet or so before his journey came to an end.

That’s where Masvidal’s flying knee landed in full force on Asrken’s head, a move that knocked the former Bellator and ONE Championship welterweight champion out cold to allow Masvidal two more “super necessary” punches to the felled Askren’s face before the referee called off the fight after just five seconds.

You can see the aftermath of that devastating move below.

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Askren Keeps Askrening Anyway

But that hasn’t kept Askren from talking noise, and honestly, the 35-year-old has shown by example the perfect way to accept such a devastating loss.

Askren was a big trash talker before getting smoked by Masvidal, and he hasn’t let the stunning knockout change him in the least.

Heck, Askren is just as likely to poke fun at himself as he is others.

For example, after seeing Julia “Raging Panda” Avila quickly dispatch of her recent opponent in just 22 seconds earlier this month, Askren had the perfect take on it.

Askren Enjoyed Excellent MMA Career

Askren’s UFC career came late.

He went 1-2 with UFC before announcing his retirement last year, but overall his MMA record is one that proves he was one of the best fighters of his era.

Before getting traded to UFC, Askren went 18-0 (with one no-contest) in two separate championship reigns with Bellator and ONE Championship. He never lost those belts in the cage.

Askren finished his career 19-2 with two world title reigns in two of the top MMA promotions in the world.

Besides those wins and losses haven’t kept the fighter from doing what he maybe does best. Askren has always been a fine wrestler and MMA fighter, but he’s one of the best trash talkers ever.

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