Patriots’ McCourty Twins Blast Drew Brees for Insensitive Comments

Getty Devin and Jason McCourty lash out at Drew Brees

Drew Brees is seemingly in hot water with a large percentage of the NFL, including his teammates with the New Orleans Saints. After Brees made puzzling and controversial comments while a guest on Yahoo! Finance with Daniel Roberts, he has been pelted with backlash from all walks of life.

LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, Aaron Rodgers, Tyrann Mathieu, and Saints’ stars Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Malcolm Jenkins all expressed their disappointment and anger with Brees.

Members of the New England Patriots roster were a part of the group holding Brees accountable for his words during such a tough time throughout the country.

Among the first to comment was the Patriots’ twins Devin and Jason McCourty. Here is a look at the tweet fired at Brees’ comments:

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The outrage displayed by the McCourty twins was seemingly consistent among the NFL players who chose to speak out. Even before Brees’ comments drew a response, the newly signed Beau Allen expressed his displeasure for the incidents of police brutality shown toward African-Americans and people of color.

Recent world events have been troubling to most, but the murder of George Floyd and all the subsequent protests, violence, and riots have added even more angst throughout the country.

Despite the institutional racism at play throughout the country, it seems as if the impact of these peaceful protests and the responses from well-known citizens and organizations have seemingly sent society in the right direction toward a solution.

The four officers involved in Floyd’s death have all be brought up on criminal charges. Derek Chauvin, the 44-year-old policeman who stuffed his knee into the back of Floyd’s neck until he perished from a heart attack, had his charges upgraded from third-degree to second-degree murder. The other three officers: Thomas Lane, 37, J. Alexander Kueng, 26, and Tou Thao, 34 were all charged with abetting a murder. Chauvin could do as much as 40 years in prison if he is convicted while the other three officers could serve up to 25 years.

Most are hoping for swift justice in these cases.

The McCourty’s Have Had a Tough Week

Prior to the madness that has ensued after the Floyd murder, the McCourty family had their own personal tragedy. Devin and his wife lost their daughter Mia to a stillborn birth over the Memorial Day weekend.

The family was rocked by the tragedy but found the strength to share their pain with the public, and to reiterate their faith despite what they had endured.

Considering what they are going through as a family, their consciousness to speak out on Brees’ statements and the Black Lives Matter movement is all the more commendable.

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