Knicks Fan Spike Lee Admits Why He Loves Team despite James Dolan Feud

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Spike Lee is famous for his spirited courtside behavior at Knicks games. Now you can join him if you throw a $10,000 "blood" donation to his Kickstarter. (Getty)

Back in March, the New York Knicks and Spike Lee were feuding.

It began when a video surfaced via Twitter of Lee arguing with Madison Square Garden security. “Because no one told me,” Lee said in the background to Madison Square Garden security over a disagreement surrounding whether Lee could enter through an employee entrance at The World’s Most Famous Arena rather than the VIP entrance that many celebrities enter.

“No one told me, I’m staying here,” Spike Lee told security.

“If you want to arrest like Charles Oakley, go the f*** ahead. Oh, you going to arrest me? Put my hands behind my back like my brother, Charles Oakley.”

Lee’s reference to Charles Oakley surrounds an incident from 2017 that involved the Knicks legend, Charles who was arrested after shoving MSG Security.

Oakley was banned from Madison Square Garden and the incident went to court. Since then, Oakley’s ban has been lifted.

Appearing on the Ed Lover Show on 104.3 Jams in Chicago, Spike Lee was asked if he’s still rocking with the Knicks in spite of the disagreement. “You know for me, it’s orange and blue all day,” he said via an article written by’s Krista Hayes.

“It’s very difficult being a Knicks fan, but I understand everybody’s frustration, I understand people saying they can’t do it anymore. I mean, what can you say?”

They currently sit at 21-45 in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and will not make the NBA Playoffs again this season. The last time that they did so was during the 2013 season when Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd and JR Smith were on their roster.

Spike Lee has been quite vocal over the last few months.

During a recent interview with Al Roker, he discussed his views on “defund the police.”

Lee warned that the “defund the police” terminology could really damage the cause. “Now it gets tricky when they say ‘defund the police,’” Lee said on Off The Rails on Sirius XM’s TODAY Show Radio on June 9.

“Because people are not thinking like ‘we don’t need police officers.’ We need police! Let the record state, I’m telling my brother Al Roker we need police, but we need a police system that is just. And it’s so hard with the police unions. I mean they protect their guys, they protect that blue no matter what. And so that has to be dealt with. … They have to be careful with the words because already this guy is running with that. You know the guy I’m talking about. Agent Orange.”