Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Makes Big Statement With Madden 21 Rating

Russell Wilson Lamar Jackson

Getty Russell Wilson lost the top spot to Lamar Jackson.

Madden 21 released the list of top-rated quarterbacks for the upcoming video game, and Russell Wilson is the No. 2 ranked signal caller. Wilson has a 97 rating just behind Patrick Mahomes who scored a 99. The Seahawks quarterback is rated higher than a number of other notable names including Lamar Jackson (94), Tom Brady (90), Aaron Rodgers (89) and Deshaun Watson (86).

Wilson would be on the top of the list were it not for Mahomes’ rare 99 rating given to a select few players. He is rated three points higher than Jackson who won the NFL MVP last season. Wilson has yet to receive an NFL MVP vote during his career.

Despite the high rating, Wilson was still not immune to disrespect. The Seahawks quarterback did not make it inside the top 10 for throw power finding himself behind a number of players including Jacob Eason (93), Justin Herbert (92) and Joe Flacco (92).

Here is a look at the full list of the throw power ratings.

Wilson Received Pro Football Focus’ Most Valuable Player Award

Pro Football Focus not only had Wilson as their top-ranked quarterback but named the Seahawks star their MVP for last season. Wilson scored the highest in Pro Football Focus’ Wins Above Replacement (WAR) metric at 4.08, above Mahomes (2.96), Jackson (2.29), Rodgers (2.38) and Dak Prescott (2.40).

Criticism of the Seahawks’ offensive scheme has intensified as Pro Football Focus points out “Wilson was dealing with a situation that consistently put him behind the eight ball then asked him to dig the team out of a hole” unlike some of the other top quarterbacks. Wilson’s ability to overcome less-than-ideal circumstances is part of the reason Pro Football Focus named him their top player last season.

What we can say, though, is that based on everything PFF is currently able to quantify, Russell Wilson, and not Jackson, added the most value to his team and is, therefore, the league’s MVP. When you try and see the entire board, Wilson dealt with much more adversity than Jackson did and was significantly ahead in terms of PFF WAR. So, Russell Wilson wins the award for a season in which there were two outstanding candidates.

Wilson Lost His Title for Most-Lucrative Contract to Mahomes This Offseason

Wilson lost his title for most lucrative NFL contract after Mahomes signed his new historic 10-year, $503 million deal. Mahomes not only has the top NFL contract but jumped Angels outfielder Mike Trout for the most lucrative deal in sports.

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd thinks Wilson may be envious of the freedom Mahomes has within the Chiefs’ offense.

“I can see Russell looking at that and saying, ‘Listen, I love where I’m at and I got my Super Bowl, but man.’ We have the two best quarterbacks in the league,” Cowherd explained on The Herd. “The philosophy in Kansas City is total support, build around him. The philosophy in Seattle sometimes feel[s] like it’s antagonistic. They both have one Super Bowl [ring]. I think they’ll both win another, but man, I could see Russell Wilson looking at that and saying,’I am a little jealous of the philosophical, weapon[s], coaching, schematic support Mahomes gets in Kansas City.’”

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