Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner Called Out By Jason Brown

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Getty Brittany Wagner was a fan-favorite on the first two seasons of "Last Chance U."

Former Last Chance U coach Jason Brown had a strong reaction to a seemingly harmless tweet from Brittany Wagner who is also one of the former stars of the hit Netflix show. Wagner took to Twitter to let fans know she was trying to catch up on Last Chance U now that the new season has been released.

“In honor of the release of Season 5, I decided to finally watch Season 4! Woozy face#lastchanceu #ayearlate,” Wagner tweeted.

There appears to be some history between Brown and Wagner as the former Independence coach was not having any of it. Brown claimed Wagner approached him about joining the Indy staff after it was announced that Last Chance U had selected the school for its third season.

“All the fake people please stand up! @Brittany_MSgirl how quickly we forget that you asked me to be my academic advisor for season 3 & 4!” Brown noted. “But, we both know I’ve sent far more kids to college with higher grad rates & higher GPA’s than you ever did or will! Google it! #justkeepitHundred points symbol.”

Prior to the previous tweet, Brown also replied to Wagner’s comment with a similar tone.

“That is funny because that was the same face I made when you asked me if I would bring you on season 3 and 4 as my academic advisor!” Brown told Wagner on Twitter. “It’s amazing how the truth shall set us free!! Must need a few new followers huh??#hatemenowlovemelater”

Wagner Founded Her Own Company Called 10 Thousand Pencils

Wagner appeared on the first two seasons of Last Chance U where she was an academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College. Last many fans saw Wagner, she was packing up her office and moving on from EMCC. Wagner started her own company called 10 Thousand Pencils where she consults with athletes, schools and companies.

Since starting her own venture, Wagner’s clients have included Ole Miss, Coca-Cola and the University of Arkansas. Here is how Wagner’s services are described on her website.

The majority of consulting engagements with Brittany Wagner are highly customized programs. We are happy to discuss your needs for a fully customized program. Customized consulting services [include]: Individual student-athlete management/life coaching, Academic evaluations/planning, Academic support consulting and training, Creation/implementation of athletic counseling program/best practices.

Brown Just Launched His Signature Line of Cigars & Whiskey

Brown resigned from Independence after Last Chance U season four. The former Last Chance U star has his own podcast entitled Slapdick where he talks about sports, including his coaching experiences. Brown also launched a signature line of cigars and whiskey which is also called Slapdick.

He is not currently coaching but stays involved with football by offering monthly classes aimed at both athletes and coaches. Fans can also sign up to have a custom video message made by Brown via Cameo. Brown frequently posts videos of his dog Stogie and another canine that is now part of the family.

It is unclear why Brown took issue with Wagner’s social media post, but hopefully the two can patch things up. Both were fan favorites on Last Chance U despite their very different personalities.

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