Mavericks Linked to $73 Million Forward as Trade Target

Bojan Bogdanovic of Utah Jazz, who was linked to the Dallas Mavericks.

Getty Bojan Bogdanovic of Utah Jazz, who was linked to the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks have had a rough time in free agency thus far. Losing Jalen Brunson to the New York Knicks is a tough pill to swallow, and the Mavericks will now have to find a way to replace his production on next season’s squad.

Spencer Dinwiddie should be able to step in and fill the void Brunson left, but the Mavericks should still be active in finding extra depth to support Luka Doncic. JaVale McGee was an underrated signing, but he won’t replace Brunson’s scoring.

Well, according to Grant Afseth of Sports Illustrated, one player who the Mavericks could target this summer is Utah Jazz forward Bojan Bogdanovic. As it stands, the Jazz are looking to reshape their roster around Donovan Mitchell, and Bogdanovic could be a solid scorer for Dallas.

“Bogdanovic isn’t the most impactful on-ball defender in the National Basketball Association by any stretch, but he at least brings effort and size on the wing,” Afseth pointed out. “The value that would be provided offensively with his sharpshooting would strongly outweigh [his flaws].”

This past season, Bogdanovic averaged 18.1 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 1.7 assists on 45.5% shooting from the field and 38.7% shooting from beyond the arc on 6.8 three-point attempts per game.

However, while Bogdanovic’s scoring would give the Mavericks a huge boost, Afseth also admitted that there are a few obstacles getting in the way of a potential trade.

Potential Roadblock to Bogdanovic Trade

While the Jazz seem to be reconstructing their roster, reports have indicated that they aren’t planning to fully rebuild. They want to reshape the roster around Mitchell, and if that is the case, Bogdanovic may not be available in trade talks this summer.

“Are the Jazz actually going to rebuild? Some reporting suggests they could look to re-tool around Donovan Mitchell after landing a haul from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Rudy Gobert. If not, then don’t expect Bogdanovic to be available on the trade block,” Afseth wrote.

However, with Bogdanovic on a one-year deal, Utah could potentially look to dump his salary now rather than having to pay him once next offseason comes around. If that’s the case, then he could be available regardless of their rebuilding status.

Afseth also mentioned some potential trade-package options for Dallas.

Potential Bogdanovic-to-Mavericks Trade Assets

In the case of Afseth’s suggestion, he worked under the assumption that Utah decides to rebuild. He suggested that they may want to simply add some depth at center after trading Gobert, which is something Dallas could help with.

“For the sake of this hypothetical, let’s say the Jazz decide to undergo a rebuild. Taking on bad salary likely wouldn’t be the preferred outcome,” said Afseth. “Since they already were thin on center options and just traded Gobert, taking on Dwight Powell’s expiring $11.0 million salary could be a start.”

Past that, he suggested the addition of young wing Josh Green in the deal, as Powell’s salary wouldn’t be enough to match Bogdanovic’s.

“Since Bogdanovic is set to earn $19.5 million in 2022-23, the Mavericks would need to include more salary. The 21-year-old Josh Green ($3.0 million) could be a potential option to include but would still only put the outgoing salaries at $14.0 million,” Afseth explained. “Another contract would need to be included if the Mavericks seek to keep their luxury tax bill as small as possible.”

Adding Bogdanovic would require some crafty maneuvers by the Mavericks’ front office, but if they managed to snag him, his scoring and shooting would be a helpful tool to have around Doncic.

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