Warriors’ Steve Kerr Speaks Out on Missed Timeout Call in Game 4 Loss

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Getty Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are down 3-1 to the Los Angeles Lakers.

After a brutal Game 3 loss to the Lakers, which came in blowout fashion, the Warriors brought it on Monday night in Game 4. Up by as many as 12 points in the third quarter, the Warriors allowed the Lakers to storm back in the fourth, and when it came down to it, Stephen Curry made the game-deciding mistake.

With just two seconds left and down by three points, the Warriors forced a jump ball after Draymond Green turned it over. Curry gained possession, but after he fell to the ground, he threw the ball out-of-bounds, likely in an attempt to get the ball to a teammate.

The worst part? Golden State had a timeout left.

When asked about the possession, head coach Steve Kerr revealed that he tried to call a timeout but didn’t get it done in time.

“I tried,” Kerr said. “I tried, yeah. I was yelling timeout, but he lost control of the ball so quickly, I didn’t get the call.

Kerr challenged the call in a last-ditch effort to save the game, but it was clear that Curry threw the ball out-of-bounds on his own. From there, the Lakers were able to get the ball in bounds and end the game.

Now, the Warriors find themselves in a dangerous position.

Since Kerr joined the team in 2014, the Warriors are undefeated in the Western Conference playoffs. They have yet to lose a series. The last time they were down 3-1 was in 2016 in the Western Conference Finals, when they beat the Kevin Durant-led Oklahoma City Thunder.

If they want to maintain that record, they’ll have to pull off another comeback.

Warriors Left Confused at LeBron James in Game 3

After Game 3 of the series, the Warriors were confused, as LeBron James didn’t attempt a shot in the first quarter of the contest.

“Bron after not taking any shots, Steph said to me ‘I’m trying to figure Bron out, like I don’t know.’ After not taking a shot through most of the first half, he ended up getting it going with 21 [points] 8 [assists], and 8 [rebounds].” Green said on the May 8 episode of “The Draymond Green Show.” “It was big, really big. He hit some big shots, some timely shots. One of the threes he hit on the wing in the first half was a very timely bucket. It slowed our run down, it was in the midst of their run. And we didn’t quite do a good enough job.

“I thought we got off to a really good start. We finished the quarter up seven, I think at one point we were up 41-30 and everything seemed to be rolling our way. But then they went to the free throw line every play and that stops us from flowing, that stops the flow of the game.”

Gilbert Arenas Urges Warriors to Trade Jordan Poole

In other news, Gilbert Arenas urged the Warriors to trade Jordan Poole.

“Watching Poole right now, I might trade him. … If I can package him and get someone I can rely on, I’m going to try it. He’s not Steph. He’s not a replacement. He’s showing me this s—t, that’s what he’s showing me,” Arenas said during his “Gil’s Arena” live stream during Game 3. “He’s supposed to be the best player on the court, right, and he kind of looks like the worst player. He’s the highest paid on this court, and he looks like the worst player.”

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