Knicks Trade Proposal Would Land Mikal Bridges Without Trading Julius Randle

New York Knicks, Julius Randle, Mikal Bridges

Getty Mikal Bridges stares ahead.

The New York Knicks‘ pursuit of a new co-star to pair with Jalen Brunson could cause them to lose Julius Randle in many scenarios due to his salary matching other stars. However, Fred Katz of The Athletic proposed a deal that wouldn’t require that.

His trade idea would see the Knicks move Bojan Bogdanovic and picks for Mikal Bridges of the Brooklyn Nets.

Knicks would get: Bridges

Nets would get: Bogdanovic, lots of unprotected first-round picks, protected picks from other teams, and first-round swaps.

“He’s a defensive stopper who could slot into massive lineups alongside Anunoby, Julius Randle and a center,” Katz wrote on June 14. “He could slide down a spot and play forward next to Anunoby with DiVincenzo and Brunson at guard. He’s not a No. 1 option, but Bridges can run a pick-and-roll, score off the dribble and is a highly efficient shooter when he’s around other creators.

“If the Nets were to break it down, the Knicks could present an enticing offer: Lots of unprotected first-round picks, protected ones from other teams, first-round swaps and Bojan Bogdanović to make the money-matching work.”

Brooklyn Nets Don’t Want to Trade Mikal Bridges

According to Katz, the Brooklyn Nets “have expressed zero interest in trading Bridges.”

“But there’s one issue: The Nets have expressed zero interest in trading Bridges, according to league sources who have been in contact with them — and it’s not like they haven’t had opportunities. Other teams have offered hoards of first-rounders; Brooklyn hasn’t engaged.”

Theoretically, the New York Knicks could offer them a package they couldn’t refuse. The Knicks have all of their eight first-round picks and multiple from other teams.

There’s another issue in trading for Bridges, too. The Nets and Knicks don’t make trades. The last one they made was in 1983. Katz wrote that the Nets don’t want to give up Bridges and “get clowned for handing the Knicks their first title in five decades.”

“They haven’t made one since 1983, a clear ego play from both sides. The Knicks don’t want to send over a draft pick that turns into No. 1 and refuels the Nets to create a dynasty, only to see on the back pages for years to come that a rival from across the river built a behemoth,” Katz wrote.

“The Nets don’t want to give up the better player and then get clowned for handing the Knicks their first title in five decades.”

How Bridges Would Help the New York Knicks

The fit for Bridges on the New York Knicks is perfect, especially if Randle remains on the team and doesn’t get dealt in the trade.

He’s an athletic 3-and-D wing that can defend multiple positions, giving the Knicks another high-end defensive player. A defense that features OG Anunoby and Bridges would be terrifying for opposing offenses.

Factor in Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo, Tom Thibodeau’s defensive mindset, and the Knicks’ defense would be set.

Bridges would also fit well in the Knicks offense as a No. 3 option behind Brunson and Randle. It’d be much like his days with the Phoenix Suns, where he averaged 17.2 points and shot 38.7% from three on 4.7 attempts per game in his final season in Phoenix.

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