Ring Camera Shows Shirtless Bill Belichick Sneaking Out of Girlfriend’s House: Report

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Getty Bill Belichick.

A ring camera video captured the sight of a shirtless Bill Belichick leaving the house of his 24-year-old cheerleader girlfriend.

That’s according to Daily Mail, which provided the context for the ring camera video of the former New England Patriots’ coach, which former quarterback Tom Brady used to needle Belichick at the Netflix roast of Brady. The video, which you can watch below, hit social media in fall 2023, although at the time, people were only speculating that it was Belichick.

“My favorite ring is the camera is the one that caught Coach Belichick slinking out of that poor girl’s house at 6 a.m. You still got it,” Brady said.

Previously, it was not revealed whose house Belichick was leaving until the Daily Mail report, which says he was leaving the Boston-area home of his girlfriend Jordon Hudson, a former competitive cheerleader.

The Ring Camera Video Shows Bill Belichick Walking Down the Porch of a Home

The video shows Belichick, without a shirt, exiting the door of a home.

When the ring camera video first emerged last fall, social media lit up. “Seeing Bill Belichick doing the walk of shame wasn’t something i thought i’d ever get to see. thank you Ring doorbell cameras for capturing this masterpiece,” wrote one X user.

Belichick appeared in the Tom Brady roast, according to Fox News, which quoted Belichick as saying, “It’s an honor to be at the ‘Roast of Tom Brady’ on Netflix tonight. It’s not to be confused with the 10-part Bill Belichick roast during the Apple TV documentary.”

Belichick also teased ex-NFL player Rob Gronkowski during the roast, saying, “I loved coaching Gronk. A great teammate, great, great player. A Hall of Fame player . . .Rob landed some endorsement deals for some of his favorite foods, Campbell’s Soup, Dunkin’ Donuts, and don’t forget… Tide Pods.”

Hudson and Belichick have not confirmed that they are dating. Her Instagram page does not mention the coach. On it, she calls herself a “glamorous Girl Scout.”

Bill Belichick Met His Former Cheerleader Girlfriend on a Plane Ride, Reports Say

TMZ Sports first broke the news that Belichick, 72, was dating Hudson. According to TMZ, the pair first met when they sat next to each other on a plane.

Belichick, who is divorced from his high school sweetheart Debby Clarke Belichick, even autographed her “Deductive Logic” textbook, according to TMZ Sports, which reported that the two stayed in touch and began dating after Belichick and his long-time girlfriend Linda Holliday broke up.

According to TMZ, after the roast, Hudson wrote on a photo of Brady, “You are the embodiment of virtue, dedication, humility and grace. I am deeply moved by you.”

On LinkedIn, Hudson, whose page says lives in Boston, Massachusetts, wrote that she is executive director of “Trouble Cub Enterprises,” where she has been self-employed in Boston since 2021. She touts her “critical thinking, analytical skills” on Instagram.

She was a student at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, a henna tattoo artist, a social media ambassador, and a model, the page says. Hudson wrote that she was going for a bachelor’s degree in philosophy as well as obtaining her cosmetology licensure at the New England Hair Academy.