Jake Paul Asks Champ: ‘Why Do You Hate Me So Much?

Jake Paul

Getty Internet personality, actor and professional boxer Jake Paul is set to fight former MMA champion Ben Askren.

Jake Paul might be lined up for just his third professional prizefight ever on April 17, but that apparently won’t keep the YouTuber-turned-boxer from taking aim at one of boxing’s biggest superstars. In his latest viral video rant, Paul had some important questions for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez before labeling the boxing champ an “old hater”.

“Canelo, what’s your problem, bro? Why do you hate me so much?… You’re an old hater. That’s what you are,” Paul said.

You can watch the full video below.

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Paul Reacts To Alvarez Kicking Out Fans

Paul was apparently reacting to Alvarez kicking two Paul fans out of the ring during his post-fight interview over the weekend.

Alvarez defeated mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim by third-round knockout and was talking about the victory to DAZN’s Chris Mannix when he noticed two people jumping up and down behind him inside the ring wearing Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren shirts.

Alvarez appears to say “get the f*** out of here” to the interlopers, and Paul didn’t like it.

“Canelo, what’s your problem, bro? Why do you hate me so much?” Paul said.

Paul Blames Alvarez: ‘You Wanted To Start This Beef’

Apparently, Paul had also seen some of the other things Alvarez said about him in past interviews.

“Canelo’s mad. He has this thing against me. He said I’m bad for the sport. I’m disrespecting it, which doesn’t make sense at all. I’m actually just bringing more eyeballs (and) more awareness to the sport of boxing,” Paul said.

Paul continued to blast Alvarez over various issues the Mexican has faced over the last year.

“Since Canelo, you wanted to start this beef, let’s do it. Bro, you’re mad because DAZN had to renegotiate your contract because you weren’t selling enough. You’re mad because there’s someone new coming into the sport. You claim you’re the pound-for-pound best fighter but you’re fighting these guys from Turkey that no one has ever heard of. You were a -5000 favorite [in your last fight]. Why not fight Caleb Plant? David Benavidez? BooBoo Andrade? You’re ducking them. You’re ducking them, Canelo.”

That’s when Paul hit Alvarez with the “old hater” label.

“You’re an old hater. That’s what you are,” Paul said.

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