• Hakan Aysal: Man Pushes Pregnant Wife Off Cliff While Taking Selfie, Cops Say

    Hakan Aysal, 40, has been accused of murdering his seven-months-pregnant wife so that he could cash in on her life insurance, according to police.

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  • Brazilian Mom Gouges out Daughter’s Eyes & Eats Her Tongue: Cops

    A mom from Brazil was arrested in connection to the death of her daughter, in which police say she gouged out her daughter's eyes and ate her tongue.

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  • Man Arrested After 24 Human Limbs, 5 Heads Found in Arizona: Cops

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  • Carlos Stephens: Ex-Athlete Named as UAB Murder Suspect

  • Jamaal Mellish: Fort Drum Soldier Named as Hayden Harris Murder Suspect

    Jamaal Mellish, a U.S. Army soldier, has been arrested in connection to the death of Hayden Harris, a Fort Drum soldier reported missing last week.

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    A Sacramento mall shooting on Friday evening left two people dead, according to police. Both victims were under the age of 20.

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    Peter Sutcliffe, the infamous British serial known as the "Yorkshire Ripper," has died at 74.

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    Nick Challies, the son of evangelical blogger Tim Challies, died unexpectedly.