10 Best Unique Men’s Wedding Bands: Compare, Buy & Save

unique mens wedding bands

While a plain gold or silver band is likely the most common choice for men when it comes to their wedding band, it’s not the most exciting. If you’d like to honor the commitment of marriage with a piece of jewelry that’s a bit different, there are a ton of options available for unique wedding rings, and more and more men are opting to let their personality shine through a bit more when it comes to this decision. You also want to make sure that your ring choice fits your lifestyle and is something that can be worn at all times, comfortably.

We’ve put together the below list with 10 great choices for unique wedding bands. Whether you want to add color, a unique material, or just want something a little different, there’s something here for you.

1. Men’s Blue Opal & Rare Koa Wood Inlay Wedding Band

mens wedding band


You don’t have to spend much for a really cool wedding band that stands out among the typical plain gold and silver bands on the market. If you’re not afraid of a little bit of color, we love this option, which costs less than $100. It’s made with real blue Opal and beautiful koa wood, sourced from Hawaii. The ring has awesome reviews, and can be ordered in sizes 7 thru 14 with half sizing available. Not a fan of the blue? Check out this alternative Koa wood option, with a more neutral design.

Price: $69.80

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

2. Blue Opalescent Interior Men’s Wedding Band

Blue Mens wedding band

Rustic Brilliance

This classic design offers some hidden flair, with a bright blue opalescent interior, that remains out of sight when it’s worn. The titanium ring is strong and will withstand more wear than alternative metals, and is designed with a rounded profile for a softer finish. Don’t miss this alternative ring, with a copper exterior, and similar blue inside.

Price: $500

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

3. Brown Tungsten Wedding Band With Rose Gold Recessed Stripe

rose gold mens wedding band

King\’s Cross

This two tone ring definitely hits the mark on being unique without being so far out of the box that you’ll question whether or not it’s appropriate. Great for every day wear, the affordable band is made with brown tungsten and a rose gold recessed stripe for a very modern and sophisticated look that bridges the gap between casual and formalwear. Choose between two various widths and the ring size that’s right for you.

Price: $34.97

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

4. Hawaiian Koa Wood & Arizona Turquoise Men’s Wedding Band

wood wedding band

Rustic Brilliance

This ring is made for someone who appreciates natural elements – with turquoise sourced from Arizona and beautiful Hawaiian Koa wood, this ring is special. The titanium ring is made to last. If you’re not sure on sizing, all rings from Rustic Brilliance are exchangeable within 30 days, so you can make sure the fit is just right. Keep in mind that it ships 6-8 weeks after purchase so you’ll want to order with a few months to spare.

Price: $550

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

5. Black Titanium Wedding Ring With Walnut Wood Inlay

titanium wedding band

Thornston Rings

Black is an awesome color and a unique choice for a wedding band, especially if you like something that provides a starker contrast than gold and silver, especially with the wood inlay. With a cost around $150, it’s not cheap, but the quality is something you will appreciate over time. Not a fan of this design? Shop some alternative black wedding bands for men.

Price: $149.99

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

6. Water Buffalo Horn & White Concrete Men’s Wedding Band

concrete wedding band

Rustic Brilliance

If it’s a unique design you’re after for your wedding band, then this one certainly tops the list, designed with a material you wouldn’t normally think of when it comes to jewelry – concrete! The ring also features water buffalo horn, another element of surprise and something that can withstand quite a bit of wear. The contrast between the black, white, and metal makes this not only a unique ring, but a beautifully attractive one as well.

Price: $300

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

7. Matte Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

black wedding band


If you like a more classic and traditional look, you might want to consider this ring. While it’s doesn’t have any crazy colors or materials, the black brushed design gives it some edge. It’s made for an active man, with very durable and scratch resistant tungsten.

Price: $129.99

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

8. Hawaiian Koa Wood Wedding Band

wood wedding band

Rustic Brilliance

Any guy will love the simple sophistication of this wood ring. It’s made with gorgeous wood, and is extremely durable. If you’re an outdoorsman but want something on the simpler side, this is a great ring to consider for a reasonable price, especially given the high end materials.

Price: $275

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

9. Mahogany Wood Wedding Band

wood engraved wedding band


If an industrial look is what you’re after, we love the simplicity and durability of this ring. Even though it’s durable, it’s not heavy – made with carbon fiber. Expect it to feel like wood or even plastic but with a higher resistance to impact than steel. It’s also water resistant and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for many. This ring can be engraved with a special message for just $20.

Price: $32

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

10. Men’s Carbon Fiber Flat Ring

carbon wedding band


Skip the precious metals and hard materials for something a little bit more natural. Keep it simple with a ring made entirely of wood – with the ability to add a special engraving to the interior. You can choose the width, depending on your preference, and if the mahogany wood finish isn’t your style, choose from a variety of alternative wood rings instead.

Price: $75

Buy this men’s wedding band here.

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