Exclusive Interview With Amber Smith From Cinemax’s Lingerie

Meet Amber Smith

Amber Smith has one of the juiciest roles on Lingerie – as bad girl designer Giovanna, she chews scenery with the best of them to bedevil heroine Lacey’s simple quest to make the best underthings imaginable. We sat down with Smith to talk the show, the future and more.

Amber Smith as Giovanna in the Cinemax series “Lingerie” – photographer: Cinemax/Rafy How did you get cast in the show?

Amber Smith: I did a show called Sin City Diaries in 2007 for Cinemax that I was the lead in, and that was my first TV show ever and it was awesome. We were gonna do a season two but then some different things happened and it didn’t move forward. I wanted to work with Cinemax again, so the idea came up to put me in season two of Lingerie, – so I got my second season, it just happened on a different show. I was originally going to play the lead in Lingerie, the good girl role, but I had to do another TV show, so Jen (Jennifer Korbin) took the lead. But since I was able to come back for season 2 as the bad girl, I ended up with a more juicy role. I think it worked out. Is it more fun playing the bad girl?

Amber Smith: I’ve never really played the bad girl before – my roles in the past haven’t been good girls, but never out and out bad girls. It’s a lot of fun, I got to be really big with it all. My secret to getting into the part is just to mimic Janice Dickinson – you know who that is? I just mimic Janice Dickinson on full blast. How is Season 2 different from the first season?

Amber Smith: In their words, easy to work with. With season 2 everyone knows their role well, so it’s easy professionally to step in. I’m used to having my own show, with my own cast, because I had been the lead, so it was weird coming in with a cast and crew that already knew each other personally. It wasn’t my show per se, and that’s what i was used to – my people, my show, everything centered around me. But it all worked out. What do you see yourself doing next?

Amber Smith: I had a huge dry spell all summer. I was panicking. The economy was lousy, and that hurts the entertainment business. I was screaming at my friends, telling them I was leaving the business because there was no work, and suddenly this week I got 5 job offers, I don’t know what’s in the air. I’m doing a music video for the Pittsburgh Steelers – not for a band, but for a football team, so I’m flying to Pennsylvania. I got an offer to be host of a Playboy TV show, it’s kind of a fun thing where they animate different stories about bad dates. I also may do a British reality show as well, where you fly to London and you’re a celebrity where you’re from but not in London. So you start dating and acclimate yourself into British life, and after a couple of weeks you go “Surprise! I’m a celebrity in my country!” It’s kind of a weird theme. I may do that, I hope it’s funny. A couple job offers came in, and I’ve been asked to write a book about love addiction and obsession with love. That happened to me in my 20s, I was obsessed with one person for several years, so now I’ve been asked to write my own chapter in a really good book that’s coming out with a lot of experts.

Also on my website soon,, I’m gonna do a little video blog series. I did a lot of reality shows about addiction, so I’m going to do blogs about the followup and how the recovery’s been, if you want to check in.

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