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First Day of Fall 2017: 10 Quotes to Celebrate the Beginning of Autumn

Today is the autumnal equinox which marks the first day of fall. Celebrate the fall season with these famous quotes about all things autumn, like leaves changing color, pumpkins, and more.

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WATCH: Woman Attacks Veteran for Having PTSD Dog in Restaurant

WATCH: Man Wearing Nazi Swastika Armband KO’d in Seattle

Two photos shared by different people show a man in Seattle riding the RapidRide D Line wearing a Nazi armband. A later photo shows the man knocked out on a sidewalk from a punch. A video later emerged.

PHOTO: ‘Berenstein Bear’ Tag Found on Official ‘Berenstain Bear’ Dolls Confirms ‘Conspiracy’

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9/11 16th Anniversary: 10 Powerful Bible Quotes, Verses, & Passages

9/11 16th Anniversary: 20 Pictures We’ll Never Forget

Today is the 16th anniversary of September 11. On this day nearly a decade-and-a-half ago, Islamist militants carried out 4 coordinated attacks on American soil. Honor their victims today with these photos.

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Victory Over Japan Day 2017: Best Quotes About V-J Day

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WATCH: Student Freaks Out After Getting Fake ID Confiscated on First Day of Class

A Syracuse University student on the first day of a public policy class lost her temper when her professor, William D. Coplin, confiscated her fake ID in front of the class. Is it real or staged?

PHOTO: Joel Osteen’s Wikipedia Trolled Over Church’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

WATCH: Hurricane Harvey Boat Rescuers Take Shots as They Rescue Stranded Texans

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WATCH: Satanist Assaulted Trying to Pray Before Public Utilities Meeting

WATCH: ‘Pregnant Woman’ Gets Beaten in Hotel Lobby

A woman named Summer Marie, claiming to be 3 months pregnant, allegedly made racist comments towards another woman before attacking her in a hotel lobby.

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WATCH: Shopkeeper Gets Harassed by ‘Disabled Vet’ Who Let Dogs Pee on Her Products

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WATCH: Slave From Charlottesville, Virginia Owned by Thomas Jefferson Family Interviewed in 1940s

WATCH: Asian Group Damages Yellowstone National Park Thermal Feature & Harasses Park Tour Guide

A group of Asian tourists from Thailand was videotaped walking on a thermal feature near the Firehole River in Yellowstone. They then harassed the park tour guide who tried to stop them.