During a college football game between Miami and Virginia, CNN cameras fixated on a young man holding a plastic goose as Don’t Stop Believin’ played.

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The funniest viral videos from the week of November 21, featuring grandmas smoking weed for the first time.

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Three grandmothers in Washington state, where marijuana is legal, decided to smoke it for the first time. Watch them get the munchies, play Jenga, and more.

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This video was taken by a Florida State University student inside the school’s Strozier Library as a gunman shot three people on Thursday morning.

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Corita Kent is today’s Google Doodle. She was a Roman Catholic nun famous for her pop art work in Los Angeles and Boston. It would be her 96th birthday.

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During a game in a hockey game in Toronto, the Maple Leafs were taking on the Nashville Predators. The mic cut out during the singing of the national anthem.

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“The Lake Effect” is a weather winter storm blizzard phenomenon caused by cold wind over warmer lake water. West New York’s Lake Erie provided just that.

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A new dash cam video of the strange explosion taped in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region provides a different angle and suggests an earthly origin for the blast.

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Mihai Patriche tried to keep a straight face while scolding his two sons who got into paint buckets downstairs and got it everywhere. But he just couldn’t.

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Angry Ram likes to keep his headbutting in shape. Watch him as he takes out a punching bag, completely knocking it off of its rope.

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A mysterious explosion caught was caught on dash cam by a driver in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region. It might be caused by a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.

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Sasha Goldberger is a photographer who displayed his new exhibit in Paris. His subjects included Star Wars and superhero cosplayers in the 16th century.

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Jennifer “Jennifo” Box is the LA-actress featured in Stephen Zhang’s fake “social experiment” video “Drunk Girl in Public.” Here are pics of the sexy actress.

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Jennifo Box was the actress featured in the video of a drunk girl on Hollywood Boulevard asking for help home. She states that creator Stephen Zhang set it up.

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You have a snow day! Celebrate your cold, winter holiday of school and work closings with these funny memes that poke fun at all things “snowy.”

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