scientology, harass, lax

Mark “Marty” Rathbun was a scientologist, a cult religion by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. He was recently attacked by members at Los Angeles Airport.

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nypd, guitarist, arrested, busker, subway

A guitarist was arrested by a New York City police officer after claims that he is performing illegally. The busker recites the law that says he’s allowed to.

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california, fresno, fire, rescue

An unknown man in Fresno, California is being hailed a hero after he entered a burning home and carried an elderly man to safety.

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axl goode, ebola, stripper, texas, amber joy vinson

Axl Goode is the male stripper from Texas who sat 3-feet from Ebola-infected Amber Joy Vinson on Frontier Flight 1143. He has voluntarily quarantined himself.

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nina pham, ebola, dallas, texas, maryland

Nina Pham, the Dallas, Texas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, departed Texas for the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center in Maryland. Here is her message.

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dogs, motorcycles, bulldogs, youtube, video

Sweets the bulldog loves to ride the motorcycle with her owner Christine Sutton. So when a fellow biker drives by, Sweets follows rider protocol and waves.

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apple keynote, fail, utah, it's road trip, youtube, video

At the October 16 KeyNote unveiling of the iPad Air 2, something went wrong. While typing “Utah”, it typed “It’s.” With a Russian presenter, it was super funny.

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twelve year old tattoo artist, thailand

A tattooed twelve-year-old girl in Thailand is also an incredible tattoo artist. Check out this video of her tattooing a man’s back freehand.

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gamergate, anita sarkeesian

What is Gamergate? And why has it spurred a death threat against female video gamer Anita Sarkeesian? Read all about the video game controversy here.

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