Man Up! Best Links For Monday, February 22nd

Hippidy hoo hah! It’s Monday, and God knows you’re going to need some links to get you through the day.

50 Hysterical Facebook Moments – Drama on Facebook is pathetic. Taking advantage of and enjoying that drama is awesome!

Hot Chicks Fishing – They catch! They fillet! And they do it in bikinis!

Star Wars Never Looked So Real – Some amazing photoshopping to bring Star Wars geekery to a whole new level.

The Most Epic Story You Will Ever Read – Seriously. This makes the Bible look like a birthday card.

Mila Kunis Award Show Photos – The show being the Writers Guild Awards. Well, at least Mila Kunis was there.

7 Things That Make a Hot Girl Not – I think number 7 is the root of all problems.

Ed Olcyzk: Tremendously Tremendous – There’s no video proof, but the audio tells all.

Best Evil Stares Caught on Film – Almost all of these are breast jealousy… and hysterical.

Moron Wrecks a New Bike – Maybe he should watch a how-to DVD next time.

7 Worst Types of House Guests – You lend a hand to a friend in need… and they take advantage of you. What to do now?

Motivational Poster: Decisions, Decisions – When you have four options to choose from, choose the biggest chest.

Passed Out Prank: Human Scroll – If you pass out at a party, take your shoes off or something like this might happen

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