The 20 Worst Wedding Fails

Stinkeye Wedding Fail

Is there somebody on Heroes who can read minds from a photograph or something like that? Because this dude is thinking some sick stuff. Like “unreleased script to Saw VII” stuff.

White Trash Wedding Fail

This is the groom’s actual wedding outfit. He didn’t change into this after the vows because his tux chafed, he marched up there in front of God and everybody and married that woman in a Goddamned camo hunting jacket. Christ. But then, this dude’s God is probably the Bigfoot monster truck and his Bible is six issues of Hustler duct taped together, so that’s probably cool for him.

Star Wars Wedding Fail

Marriage: it’s a trap.

Kegstand Wedding Fail

I know this picture is probably just a “ha ha, jokey joke, look at the bride doing a kegstand” and all, but you know what? These dudes listen to Dave Matthews and probably all have at least one roofie somewhere on their person, the truth is out there.

McDonalds Wedding Fail

Look at these two McNuggets. I expect that they’ll have their funeral at the same Mickey Ds, where their bodies will be submerged into the fryer while Grimace gives out free milkshakes.


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