Suck it, Tebowing: Top 10 Pics of People Griffining

Last week marked the first time that heavily touted rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III (RG3 for short), played in an NFL game. Griffin surpassed expectation and led the Redskins to a 40-32 win over a heavily favored New Orleans squad.

RG3 scored his first touchdown pass with three minutes left in the first quarter. During the throw he was knocked down and after the touchdown the camera showed him raising his hands in celebration. This pose has paved the way to an internet craze known as “Griffining” which is less christian than Tebowing and more celebratory than Romoing. It also is less annoying than Twilighting but not as erotic as 50ShadesofGreysing.

Here are the top 10 people to get in on the biggest thing to sweep through America since Michael Moore operating a swiffer. Hiyo!!!

1. Griffining at the beach!
Celebrate the majesty of nature while sitting down.

2. Griffining at the office!
Closed a big deal with a new client? You owe yourself 5 minutes of Griffining

3. Griffining at the Dentist!
Who is practicing good oral hygiene? YOU ARE!
(Side Note: Who is the lady in the picture frame? I’d like kick a field goal through her goal posts… that actually sounds kind of painful. Never mind.)

4. Griffining Before Eating Dinner!
Rule #1 of Griffining: You can’t do some Griffining and then eat a salad.

5. Griffining with your Kids!
Griffining is the new parenting.

6. Griffining at the Airport!
Hopefully the TSA won’t make Griffining illegal… because this move is the BOMB!

7. Griffining in a Kindergarten!
It’s like the movie “The Wave” but with 4 year-olds and without the whole Nazi subtext.

8. Griffining on the Toilet!
Any trip to Chipotle is not complete with out a stop to the bathroom for some Toilet Griffinin’!

9. Griffining at the Hospital!
They say that Griffining is the best medicine. Other good medicine? actual medicine.

10. Griffining at ESPN!
Stuart Scott gets in on the action at the Sportscenter studio. Griffining goes Hollywood!
(Editors Note: ESPN studios are located in Connecticut but saying “Goes Hollywood!” is significantly better than saying “Goes Bristol, Connecticut!”)

Eitan Levine is a New York City based comic. Follow him on Twitter at @Eitanthegoalie .

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