The 20 Worst Christmas Decoration and Lights Fails

worst decorations cover
If you find yourself involved in some Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation style antics this Christmas while you’re turning your roof into its own nuclear power plant, fear not, because your not the only loser this holiday. Here are the 20 Biggest Christmas Decoration Fails, may they warm your cold Grinch heart.

christmas lights, snowman, christmas fails

No, just leave them all bunched up like that. We’ll say it’s fashionable or something.

christmas light fails, ditto

This is the equivalent of adding your name to the card at the last minute.

Santa bear might deliver the presents, but that little mouse owns the factory.

electric car, christmas lights car

On the plus side, it makes it more difficult for people to tell you’re driving a Ford Focus.

dead reindeer lights

The perfect way to warn Rudolph from crapping on your lawn again this year.

Just remember we told you this was a bad idea when you’re loaded on egg nog and plow through your kitchen.

golden shower, christmas lights

I’m sorry, but you’re house looks like it’s covered in piss.

humping reindeer, lights, christmas lights fails

Always a classic.

monkeys christmas lights, christmas fails

Nothing screams Christmas like monkeys throwing crap at each other.

santa landing strip

While you may be captivated by the cute landing strip on the roof, it’s actually meant to distract you from Mickey railing that bear.

crazy christmas decorations

Oh God, they’ve taken over!

santa peeing, bad christmas lights,

You try drinking six billion glasses of milk, then tell me you disapprove.

christmas lights fails, christmas decorations

Probably not the kind of star the three wise men were hoping to see that night.

creepy christmas, christmas decoration fails

…that’s f***ing scary.

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star trek christmas, christmas fails

And no one got laid that Christmas.

penis christmas lights, holiday lights fails

This is actually the gay spa next to Santa’s workshop where Bernard from the Santa Clause hangs out.

flag christmas, christmas decoration fails,

Whenever you run out of lights, just go patriotic, that way no one can say anything bad about it without looking like a commie.

Once a year the shovel St. Nick uses to shovel reindeer poo comes alive and awkwardly props itself against lazy people’s houses.

They were so hammered last night.

christmas decoration fails, christmas

Aaand you’re blind.

jesus beer

People often forget the manger was raging the night Jesus was born.

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Via: UglyChirstmasLights

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