Julia Louis-Dreyfus made out with Bryan Cranston in a serious face-sucking session at the Emmys on the way up to the stage for her acceptance speech.

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As Above So Below

Check out our review of one of the final big movie releases of the 2014 summer schedule, As Above, So Below.

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david lucado, britney spears dumps boyfriend

David Lucado is Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend, dumped by the pop queen after her dad bought a video of Lucado cheating and showed it to her.

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UFC 177

Come take a look at the post fight press conference livestream for UFC 177!

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UFC 177

UFC 177’s weigh-in livestream will be shown live via this official livestream right here!

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Anthony Pettis

Come check out the UFC 177 Q&A livestream before the weekend’s big fight card unfolds!

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Blonde Electric, Blonde Electric Performance, X Factor UK 2014 Audition, Blonde Electric Audition, Blonde Electric X Factor UK 2014

Blonde Electric brought some eccentricity to their X Factor UK audition. Check out the unique performance here.

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Chloe Jasmine, Chloe Jasmine Audition X Factor UK, X Factor UK 2014 Audition, X Factor UK Performance, Chloe Jasmine Performance

Chloe Jasmine performed for the judges on the new season of “X Factor UK.” Check out her audition right here.

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Reece Bibby, Reece Bibby Performance, Reece Bibby Audition, Reece Bibby Latch Performance, Reece Bibby X Factor UK 2014, X Factor UK 2014, Reece Bibby Audition Performance, X Factor UK 2014 Auditions

“X Factor UK” 2014 has begun and we’ve got an audition from contestant Reece Bibby. Check it out here.

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Al Roker, Al Roker And Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande Bang Bang Today Show, Al Roker Today Show, Al Roker And Ariana Grande Singing Bang Bang

Al Roker and Ariana Grande teamed up to give us the weather on the Today Show this morning, along with an impromptu performance of “Bang Bang” together.

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Brad Paisley GMA, Brad Paisley Good Morning America, Brad Paisley GMA Performance, Brad Paisley Good Morning America Performance Video, Brad Paisley GMA Interview

Brad Paisley dropped by Good Morning America for some killer performances and an interview with the “GMA” hosts. Check it out here.

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Ariana Grande, Ariana Grande Today Show, Ariana Grande Today Show Performance, Ariana Grande Boyfriend, Ariana Grande Big Sean

Ariana Grande gave a personal interview and huge concert performance on the “Today Show” this morning. Check it out.

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