Ron Howard is set to direct the new Han Solo stand-alone movie after Phil Lord & Christopher Miller were fired. Here’s what you need to know about the news.

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Gayle Rankin, the only Scottish actress ever to get into Juilliard, plays Sheila The She Wolf on GLOW. Meet the actress and learn about her career.

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Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels have had a controversial history together. Learn about it, and their relationship with Nicki Minaj here.

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Betty Gilpin plays Debbie in Netflix’s GLOW with Alison Brie. Here’s a look at the former Nurse Jackie star’s life and career.

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Safaree Samuels claims that he was jumped by rapper Meek Mill and his crew.

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Was Rick and Morty Season 3 cancelled? And if not, when is it premiering? Find out all the details here.

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Tonight is the season 3 premiere of Playing House on USA Network. Meet the cast of the show here.

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Now that GLOW is available on Netflix, here’s a look at what the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting was like and how it inspired the show.

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Britney Young is about to become a major star, as she plays the part of Carmen Wade in the new Netflix original series GLOW.

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Sydelle Noel stars in GLOW as Cherry Bang and she also has a role in Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie. Meet the actress and learn about her career.

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Netflix’s GLOW is based on the real life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, but which characters and plot points are real and which are fictional?

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Alison Brie’s new Netflix show, GLOW, is finally available. Meet the ensemble cast of the acclaimed comedy-drama about women wrestlers.

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Alison Brie stars in the new Netflix series GLOW. In real life, Brie is part of a family of four, and she recently married actor Dave Franco.

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Meet the cast of Spike TV’s new series, The Mist.

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Who are the contestants who made it through tonight on the premiere episode of Boy Band? Also, get the rundown on the cast of famous judges and the host.

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What time and channel is the premiere of new reality TV show Boy Band on tonight? Get all the info you need, along with additional show details.

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