Look! It’s Renee Zellweger … just take my word for it.

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Last month, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family were in a drunken brawl at a house party when police were called. Listen to daughter Bristol Palin inform officers why she was called a “sl*t” and “c*nt.”

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The first serious SOA death of the finale season of Sons of Anarchy went down with Bobby Munson’s eye being ripped out of his head. Is he really dead though?

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Watch Trisha Yearwood singing The National Anthem at Game 1 of the 2014 World Series. Check out the performance video here.

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Mary Jo Eustace is Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, whose written about her bitter divorce from him when he cheated with Tori Spelling. Now she’s on “True Tori.”

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Read on for the facts on Tori Spelling, her reality show “True Tori,” her relationship with husband Dean McDermott after his cheating, her kids and her net worth.

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About a Boy follows Will, a perpetual bachelor, who moves next door to 11-year-old Marcus, becoming a father figure to the tween. Here are Will’s best moments.

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Adrianne Palicki is Dr. Sam on About a Boy. She debuted in Season 1 as Marcus’ doctor and then became Will’s girlfriend. Here are the character’s best pictures.

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Adrianne Palicki is Mockingbird on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and also guest stars on About a Boy, as Will’s girlfriend, Dr. Sam. Here are the actress’ best looks.

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David Walton is Will, the lovable bachelor in About a Boy. Here are the actor’s best looks from the show and on the red carpet.

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Check out all the spoilers on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special 2014 episode. Hear all about A, PLL cast members & holiday special details as well.

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Annette Engelhard is the wife that designer Oscar de la Renta leaves behind after his cancer-related death. Read on for the facts on her life here.

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Alfonso Ribeiro killed it in a killer salsa routine on Dancing With The Stars. Check out his spank-worthy DWTS performance here.

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Bethany Mota and Derek Hough’s Tango on Dancing With the Stars was beautiful as always. Check out the DWTS performance here.

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Fashion legend Oscar de la Renta has died. RIP to the brilliant icon. Read on for the facts.

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Leah Remini beat Derek Hough with her microphone over and over again on Dancing With The Stars. Check out the hilarious DWTS clip.

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