Woman Shoots Intruder 5 Times in Front of 9-Year-Old Twins

Georgia Woman Shoots Intruder

The house involved

A woman in Loganville, Georgia, was working from her home office when she looked out her window and saw a strange man outside. She took her 9-year-old twin children into the house’s crawl space and hid there as the man broke in. Eventually, he located the family and the woman unloaded her .38 revolver, hitting the intruder five times.

The intruder, who survived, was later identified as Paul Slater, a 32-year-old Atlanta resident who has been arrested seven times since 2008.

After firing all six rounds, she stood over the intruder threatening to shoot him again if he moved and Slater begging her not to. She than ran to a neighbor’s house with her kids as Slater pulled himself to his car, which he promptly crashed. He was found beside his car crying out that he was near death.

Slater is currently on a ventilator. He has punctured lungs, and a punctured liver and stomach.

The woman’s husband believes she acted heroically. She and her two children are both completely safe.


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